DISCOVER: Philly Alternative Rock Group, SPiN

DISCOVER: Philly Alternative Rock Group, SPiN

SPiN is a Philly alternative rock group consisting of E (lead vocals/guitar,) Jim (vocals/guitar,) Lou (drums/percussion,) and Hank (vocals/guitar.)

The band caught our attention with their newest single titled “Dig Your Own Grave” off of their EP Meant To Rise. Listening to SPiN, you catch the vibe that they’re truly a rock band. What do we mean by that? “Dig Your Own Grave” features that antiquated sound a rock fan may recognize, heard by bands like The Strokes, Oasis, and Arcade Fire. We don’t know if this sound was on purpose, but for young listeners nowadays, the unique sound not often heard on mainstream radio may be considered “vintage.”

Over the time that SPiN has been together, they’ve provided support for artists like Halestorm, Fuel, Hinder, SafetySuit Red, Fat Joe, and more.

Watching the video for “Dig Your Own Grave,” the female lead brings the party with her no matter where she goes. Whether it be at Venice Beach, an apartment, or even dancing around in a pool. It all seems fun and all, but it doesn’t really go with the song which features the lyrics, “Dig, dig, dig, dig your own grave.” The only part it went along with was towards the end where the heroine was digging a grave all by herself.

Check out the video for “Dig Your Own Grave” below:

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