DISCOVER: Pop/Rock Group Autumn Kings Release Music Video for "Illusion"

DISCOVER: Pop/Rock Group Autumn Kings Release Music Video for “Illusion”

Autumn Kings is a pop/rock group from Windsor, Ontario consisting of Jake Diab (guitar, backing/lead vocals), Joseph Coccimiglio (lead vocals), Tibor Bognar (bass), and Jeremie Brousseau (drums.)

Since the band started touring last year, they’ve already gained a decent amount of fans in the Canadian music scene. Within 3 weeks of releasing their self-titled EP, Autumn Kings, they sold almost 1000 copies. And that’s pretty impressive for a new group!

Now, the band has their first full length album titled Silver Screens. Joseph Coccimiglio shared saying, “We did a lot of writing for this album while on the road, and took a lot of influences from the places we toured and people we met. For that reason the songs are very diverse. We are super proud of the music, and hope the fans dig it as much as they did our EP”.

Their latest music video off of the album, “Illusion”, has a distinct Latin sound that caught our attention. It’s something fresh compared to the everyday songs we hear on the radio. But every song needs a hook, and Autumn Kings unquestionably have that.

As they sing, “I swear it’s just an illusion, in total confusion / I’m holding on till you let me go,” you can’t help but either sing along, or just simply get it stuck in your head. It’s definitely in our head! As for the video, it goes along for their audience of teens and/or young adults.

Within the video the four guys are playing at a party as people drink in red plastic cups jamming out to the band. The video even include that one person who decides to be on their phone rather than actually watching the live performance going on, which we found quite funny. But hey, can’t force anyone to enjoy your music right?

“What it boils down to is that we are 4 equally driven guys who live to play music for the people who enjoy it,” said Jake Diab. “There is nothing like having a fan come up to you during meet-and-greets to tell you that you’ve inspired them to want to start a band, and pursue music seriously – or that you helped them overcome a difficult obstacle in their life.”

He continued saying, “When I was 14 years old, I was inspired by bands like Billy Talent and Rise Against to change my life for the better and start a band. If we can continue to inspire the next generation of kids, while helping people of any age through a tough time, then we feel we have done our job as musicians and people.”

If you love the track below, you can purchase the album on iTunes HERE or stream it on Spotify.

Check out the video for “Illusion” below:

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Autumn Kings
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