Discover: Rachel Shaps’ new single “Learn My Lesson”

Good stories make good music.

Eloquence has been Rachel Shaps’ great friend since the last eleven years. A storyteller at heart and a content creator by profession, Shaps has been blessing our feed via her social media with content around music, beauty and fashion. With over seventeen thousand followers on Instagram alone, Shaps is on her way to becoming an influential figure in the creative field.

As a musical artist, Shaps contributes massively to her songs. With a flair for words and a poetic sensibility, Shaps creates songs that convey raw emotions and resonate with her audience regardless of where they belong to.

Rachel’s vocals are incredibly unique, with a hint of New Orleans soul, of which she certainly inherited from her grandmother, the legendary Eartha Kitt. Much like her grandmother, Rachel was born an old soul, which she clearly conveys through the depth of her lyrics. Her ability to connect with people through her music is astounding.

In our “Discover” series, we will share her song titled “Learn My Lesson”. Released at the beginning of this month, “Learn My Lesson” is a tongue-in-cheek question for everyone who often finds themselves repeating a mistake. But instead of passing judgment, Rachel uses the first-person narrative to show that experiences make one strong so, even if it takes a few steps more for an individual to embrace the change, they should tread the path. What seems like a simple question is instead a self-reflective monologue that helps the audience perceive a situation from multiple angles.

In terms of musicality, the song is catchy and definitely deserves a music video. Shape kept us hooked till the end and left us wanting for more.

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Written by Ayushi

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