DISCOVER: Sam Feldt Teams Up With JRM For Single “Just To Feel Alive (Remix)”

While Sam Feldt is away from his sets as he rests due to a scooter accident, he’s still releasing new music. We’re not sure how his tracks aren’t global successes around the world, but they’re definitely worthy of it, just like his most recent release, titled “Just To Feel Alive”. This track features JRM and is the follow up to Sam Feldt’s “Where’s My Love” which was a collaboration with SYML.

A music video was dropped alongside the song itself and it’s filled with so much summer it’s emblazoned through to the viewers. The music video features a dancer named Dennis Kwadjo Kyere, who appears alongside Sam Feldt in the visual.

Sam Feldt made a name for himself when he went globally viral with a reinvention of Robin S’s song “Show Me Love” which featured Kimberly Anne. He hasn’t quite hit international charts as hard with his follow-up singles but he has managed to score collaborations with the likes of INNA, Akon, Hoon n Sling, and Alex Schulz. He’s definitely a DJ who is always on the rise, with exciting new tracks. Another massive hit is right around the corner for him.

According to Spotify, the song was written by D. Lyttle, D. Priddy, J. Daniels, M. Crew, R. Andrew, and S. Renders. As for the music video, that has been directed by Johannes Jelinek, while Paul Rohlfs acted as director of photography.

Watch Sam Feldt’s Music Video To “Just To Feel Alive (Remix)” Featuring JRM Here:

As the summer sunshine fully hits us, this song has been released and Sam Feldt is giving us jovial beats and feelgood vibes. JRM impresses to no-end with his amazingly smooth vocals. Whistles, chimes, and trumpets can clearly be heard as both artists bring us a collaboration like no-other. This is definitely our summer sound of the year, and we so expect this to gain traction in the coming months.

As for the music video is full of summer, with a warped video travel that has us confused and enthralled all at the same time, and thinking of this as a larger scale sure does mess with out minds. The visual is full of bright tropical colours whilse Dennis Kwadjo Kyere does his freestyle dancing thing that certainly impresses. As for Sam Feldt, he is clearly loving life, blasting the tune whilst wearing the shorts that he created for Orlebar Brown, who are planning to use this song in their campaigns – we have to say that we want those shorts after seeing how much they suit Sam Feldt.

“Just To Feel Alive (Remix)” featuring JRM is available to download and stream right now via Spinnin’ Records. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before fans will hear this track during one of his sets, as he has had to cancel most of his summer tour and festival appearances due to a scooter accident.

Of the accident, Sam Feldt said: “Of course it was a scary experience, but I’m counting my blessings and I’m incredibly happy ‘Just To Feel Alive’! Thank you to my fans for all the beautiful messages they have sent to me. I hope this song makes them feel as good as they have made me feel while I recover.”

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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