Elena Gheorghe Teams Up With DJ Valdi On New Single “Hot Bhangra”

Can you remember 2009, the year that Romania sent Elena to the Eurovision Song Contest, with the awesome song “The Balkan Girls”? Well, she’s come a long way since then, developing her sound and becoming a fully-fledged Eurodance artist, with some brilliant hits behind her; and here is another one. Providing the vocals for DJ Valdi’s track “Hot Bhangra”, this was certainly a track we have been waiting for.

Clearly using Bhangra music and dance style as an influence for this song and its music video; DJ Valdi has definitely produced an unforgettable song that we cannot stop playing. The video itself was directed by Florin G Botea; who manages to create this perfect narrative, whilst mixing it up with a flawless performance.

Watch DJ Valdi’s “Hot Bhangra” Featuring Elena Here:

The narrative is pretty simple throughout, but both artists display confidence. DJ Valdi, real name José Valderas, walks through the hallway of a house and comes across a pot on the floor; he opens it up and smoke rises from inside.

The house becomes a Bhangra party. A man appears with four female dancers dressed appropriately for Bhangra. The man takes the pot from DJ Valdi, as the women take him into the room, where Elena is sitting on the couch. The story progresses as they continue to dance around him.

They then take him to another room where he plays the song on the DJ decks, before moving the party upstairs. At the end, they all disappear, and it’s clear it was all a figment of his imagination from the sweet smoke that was released from the pot that he found.

As for Elena, she looks completely stunning in everything she wears, in the different scenes. Fully embracing the Bhangra style, she outshines everyone in the video; clearly proving that she deserves to be a star.

As for the song, it definitely has Bhangra influence throughout, mixed in with DJ Valdi’s Spanish dance music. He brings Electro Latin to life, and with this song specifically, he manages to combine Elena’s vocals beautifully.

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(Featured Photo from Elena’s Instagram)

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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