Doctor Who returns: The countdown to Halloween is on!

Since the BBC have announced that the new series of Doctor Who is going to air on Halloween, we decided to compile a list of the scariest new-who stories to see you through till the 31st – saving the most terrifying till last.

  1. Knock Knock (Series 10 Episode 4)

Bill and a group of fellow university students are seeking accommodation and have no luck until and they receive an offer from an elderly landlord. The house is too good to be true as strange noises occur leaving the students on edge as it seems too good to be true.

2. The Bells of Saint John (Series 7 Episode 7)

After meeting two different versions of the mysterious Clara Oswald, The Doctor arrives in present day London and encounters another. It seems as though that the Time-Lord arrived just in time as evil is lurking on the WiFi.

3. Flatline (Series 8 Episode 9)

When forces from another dimension infiltrate Earth, The Doctor becomes trapped inside the TARDIS as the external dimensions have been shrunk. With more people becoming victims to the creatures from the other dimension, Clara must work with a group of locals to save the day.

4. 42 (Series 3 Episode 7)

After receiving a distress call, The Doctor and Martha land on the cargo ship SS Pentallian. Unbeknown to them the ship is heading straight into the centre of the sun and at the same time, an alien force is targting them.

5. Heaven Sent (Series 9 Episode 11)

After being trapped inside his confession dial, The Doctor faces one of his greatest tests of his numerous lives as he tries to escape. He is not alone in his test as a frightful creature shrouded in a veil pursues him, demanding answers from The Doctor.

6. The Impossible Planet / The Saturn Pit (Series 2 Episodes 8 & 9)

In this story The Doctor and Rose arrive on the planet Krop Tor (which translated to the bitter pill) which is orbiting a black hole. A human crew are currently working on the planet with their alien workers known as the Ood. Events on the planet cause the TARDIS to go disappear and not long after an evil force takes over the Ood, leaving the crew as targets.

7. The Angels Take Manhattan (Series 7 Episode 5)

The Doctor takes companions Amy and Rory Central Park in New York and shortly after the race of their lives begins as Rory disappears whilst getting coffee. The Doctor and Amy follow the clues in the book they were reading to locate Rory and hope to find a way to stop the threat that is posed upon the city.

8. Deep Breath (Series 8 Episode 1)

After his regeneration, The Doctor and Clara land in Victorian London just as a dinosaur is loose amongst the Thames. The Time Lord is soon to learn that there is an even greater risk to the city dwellers as a wave of Spontaneous Combustion’s are occurring as well as a deadly restaurant that is luring people in.

9. Smith and Jones (Series 3 Episode 1)

An alien creature is in hiding on Earth from the outer space police known as the Judoon. They manage to locate the creature at a hospital just as The Doctor is about to meet his new companion. They must work together to identify the creature to save all inside the hospital.

10. The Idiot’s Lantern (Series 2 Episode 7)

The Doctor and Rose land in London in 1953 in time for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll but their joy is short-lived when they hear of people being taken from their homes. Upon investigating they find out all of these people no longer have faces and work to stop the menacing threat that is attacking people via their TV sets.

11. The Unquiet Dead (Series 1 Episode 3)

In Victorian Cardiff corpses are rising from the dead, their bodies inhabited by gaseous creatures. The Doctor and Rose arrive, with the notion of watching Charles Dickens perform but the show gets interrupted – together the trio must work together to stop the gas creatures and ensure the dead stay dead.

12. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (Series 7 Episode 11)

When a salvage ships tractor beam causes damage to the TARDIS’ defences havoc ensures. The Doctor enlists the salvage crew to locate and rescue Clara but radiation isn’t the only problem they encounter on their mission.

13. Oxygen (Series 10 Episode 5)

After receiving a distress call, The Doctor, Bill and Nardole arrive on a mining station located in deep space where the only oxygen available is via the space suits on site. Everything is not as it seems as members of the crew have been killed but their suits are still working automatically present them as walking corpses. The doctor and his companions find out the suits are not entirely designed to keep the wearer alive.

14. Sleep No More (Series 9 Episode 9)

Footage from the Le Verrier space station has been edited together and is narrated by Gagan Rassmussen who is a member of the crew. The footage tells a story of the crew and their encounter with the Sandmen and how they worked with The Doctor to try to stop them. All is not as it seems as the purpose of the footage is to be later revealed.

15. Blink (Series 3 Episode 10)

The Doctor and Martha are stuck in the year 1969 after being sent there by the touch of a Weeping Angel. Without his TARDIS, The Doctor must use his wit to both defeat the Weeping Angels and return to the correct time. A woman named Sally Sparrow must use her investigating skills to decipher clues left for her and save those that need her help.

16. The Haunting of Villa Diodati (Series 12 Episode 8)

In 1816, The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham arrive at Villa Diodati at Lake Geneva with the intention of spending time with some the greatest literary minds to ever live. The night takes a turn for the worse when ghosts become real and those involved seek to find a way to make it through the night. The Doctor also has a big choice to make in this episode with both results having consequences.

17. The Waters of Mars (Special number 3 in the 2008 to 2010 specials)

The Doctor lands the TARDIS in the year 2059 on planet Mars and encounters Bowie Base One which is the first human colony. Upon his a arrival, a deadly virus breaks out infecting the crew members on board. With this in mind, The Doctor must decide whether to use his knowledge of the future and break the rules of time or allow time to run without his interference.

18 – Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead (Series 4 Episodes 8 & 9)

After receiving a message on the psychic paper, The Doctor pilots the TARDIS to a planet sized library in the 51st century. Upon arriving with Donna, the scan for other life signs shows that they are the only humans but there is a vast amount of non-humanoid life signs detected meaning that something else is present with them. A team of archaeologists, led by Professor River Song arrive determined to find out why the library sealed itself off from visitors. Soon enough those non-humanoid life signs become active and target all in the vicinity meaning they need to find a way off the planet and fast.

19. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances (Series 1 Episodes 9 & 10)

After following a medical warship through time, The Doctor and Rose land in the height of the London Blitz. History is at stake as the locals are plagued a small child searching for his mummy. The Doctor and Rose must act fast to save the world and meet an unlikely acquaintance in the process.

20. Midnight (Series 4 Episode 10)

When visiting a leisure planet with Donna, The Doctor decides to enjoy one of their trips. Things take an unexpected turn when the vehicle takes a sudden stop on an uncharted path. With figures moving in the distance and knocking on the walls, The Doctor must save the those aboard.

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Written by Louis Such

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