Dodie Clark’s 5 Best Covers

In the 5 years that she’s been on YouTube, Dodie Clark has covered more songs than we can count! In celebration of her reaching 500,000 subscribers on her channel doddleoddle (and 250,000 on doddlevloggle) we have picked some songs Dodie has covered that best show off her beautiful voice and musical talent. This was a difficult list to narrow down, so be sure to check out the covers playlist on her channel for more great music!

1. Drive- Oh Wonder

Using the magic of editing, we are treated to not one, but five Dodies performing the song together around the same loft bed! There are two vocal parts, a ukulele, a hand shaker, and even a surprise clarinet! Dodie’s voice and the mood of the song are very calming, so it’s a good one to listen to if you need to relax. This cover is just one example of the uniqueness and creativity we see shine on Dodie’s channel.

2. Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles

This is Dodie’s most viewed cover- and for good reason! In the video, she talks about how she was inspired to sing this song because she was feeling genuinely happier at that point in her life, and had lots of exciting things to look forward to. The sun is shining through her window, she’s wearing a sunflower crown, and it’s not hard to tell that Dodie is glowing with happiness. On top of beautiful vocals, she adds dainty background harmonies and the signature string plucking of the song. This one is bound to cheer you up in the dead of winter!

3. Goner- Twenty One Pilots

Dodie once again shows how versatile she is both instrumentally and vocally, in this emotional piano cover. She is fully invested in the performance, using her face and body language in combination with the music to portray the message of the song. This is a fan favourite, as Dodie shows passion, emotion and vulnerability- even though she doesn’t adopt the screamo style of the original song. (There’s always next time!) If you’re looking for a similar passionate piano cover from Dodie, check out her cover of Somebody Else by The 1975, it won’t disappoint.

4. Drag Me Down- One Direction

This ukulele cover is an example of how Dodie is great at taking a popular song and making it her own. It starts off slow paced and stripped back, then gradually gets more upbeat. The backing harmonies she added have us convinced there are more Dodies singing off camera… maybe the clones from the Oh Wonder Cover! Dodie then switches things up by singing the last chorus in a higher octave, which sounds awesome and suits her voice perfectly! Whether or not you’re a 1D fan, you should definitely this one out.

5. Novels- Rusty Clanton

To finish off the list we have one of the many collabs on Dodie’s channel, but this one is a little extra special. Dodie has said that Novels by Rusty Clanton is one of her favourite songs, one she’s listened to hundreds of times. Filmed in a hotel hallway with a simple black and white filter, the video has a very intimate and chill vibe. Dodie’s and Rusty’s voices blend together nicely and fit perfectly with the song. In fact, the two recently went on tour together with Tessa Violet and Jon Cozart! This is another top notch cover from Dodie, and a good one to listen to while you cry (or sob violently) as Dodie mentions in the description of the video.

Congratulations to Dodie on reaching a well deserved 500,000 subscribers! We can’t wait to hear which songs you will cover next!

Dodie Clark's 5 Best Covers 2

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.