Don’t Smile at Billie Eilish: Fifteen-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Releases Debut Album

She is an alternative mixture of Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, and Lorde. She pulls you in with her cheeky lyrics and keeps you with her unconventional, but memorable rhythms.

Her name is Billie Eilish, and once you listen to one of her tracks, there is no going back.

In 2015, Billie opened up her SoundCloud. At the young age of thirteen, with the help of her brother, she released her first two tracks: the cleverly titled “sHE’s brOKen” (she’s broken, he’s okay), and “Fingers Crossed”.

This was only the beginning.

A year later, the fourteen-year-old debuted yet another song: “Ocean Eyes”. It became an instant internet hit. The success led to her being signed by Interscope Records, where she eventually re-released the track as a single. To promote the song, Billie published a music video, as well as a dance performance video.

A month into 2017, she released four remixes of “Ocean Eyes”. The Astronomyy Remix quickly gained traction, catching even more attention than the original single.

After turning fifteen, Billie continued to send her hauntingly gorgeous tracks out to the world. She released “Bellyache“, as well as “Bored“, which was featured on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. A few months later, she announced that she would be releasing her first studio album, entitled dont smile at me. After building up its debut by delivering new songs each week, the album was finally released on August 11th.

Not only does the album include some of her previous hits, but it’s jam-packed with new breathtaking material that anyone can connect with. No track is the same as another, leaving the whole album sounding fresh and unique. Her lyrics, like always, are clever and some are just so good, they leave you with your mouth dropped.

I wanna be alone. Alone with you – does that make sense? – “hostage”

If teardrops could be bottled, there’d be swimming pools filled by models told a tight dress is what makes you a whore. – “idontwannabeyouanymore”

Alright dude, go trip over a knife. – “my boy”

If you are a fan of alternative music and the incredibly different, Billie Eilish’s dont smile at me is definitely for you. It is available for listening on Spotify and Apple Music, and for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

Billie Eilish participates on nearly every social media. You can follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

While many of the dates are already sold out, Billie will be touring for don’t smile at me. Ticket and venue information can all be found on her website.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at