Dorian Electra brings the future of pop music to you in ‘2 Fast’

Friend of CelebMix, Dorian Electra, has released their collaborative new track ‘2 Fast’.

During last month’s writing camp in Las Vegas, Electra and their formidable collaboration team wrote a track with over 200 people through Instagram live.

Yes, you heard correct. ‘2 Fast’ is the product of that session and it is a glorious example of exactly what is so exciting about this new wave of electropop artists disrupting the industry.

When they spoke to CelebMix late last year, Dorian Electra made it clear that their writing trip to Las Vegas was going to be an unconventional one. The ‘Man to Man’-singer took Bonnie Mckee, Dylan Brady, Umru, Eric Cross, absrdst, Mood Killer, Weston Allen and Chester Lockhart along for the ride, always intending for it to be a collaborative process.

Las Vegas is just the most inspiring, weird, hyper-real mash-up of culture and history. Walking through this fake Roman coliseum of Venetian canal… it’s like if aliens tried to re-create our worlds in a small model version. A lot of people hate Vegas but I’m very contrarian in nature. If people hate something, I normally think it’s cool.

-Dorian Electra when speaking to CelebMix

It’s a new attitude to collaboration that is shared not only between Electra’s Las Vegas group but artists such as Charli XCX, ALMA and A.G. Cook who move in similar circles. The more people in a room working together, the more ideas bounce together and the more likely you are to hit on something fresh and genuinely from the artists’ themselves.

It’s a process Electra is proud of. Their Instagram stories sees them always working with other creators and they’ve clearly got a knack of bringing the best out of people. So, why not collaborate with other 200?

On January 17th, Electra and the Las Vegas group went live on Instagram with the intentions of writing a song right there and then. Taking everything from BPM (beats per minute), notes, lyrics, the song title, album artwork and more from fan comments on the live video. Sure enough, little by little, ‘2 Fast’ was born. You can catch the highlights from that live stream below and check out all the song stems from the video’s description.

The product? A high-paced party anthem with an energy that you could only get from the Electra process. It’s a stellar example of what can be born when music meets social media meets collaboration.

Dorian Electra and co. are light years ahead and ‘2 Fast’ is the most exciting thing to happen so far this year. Check out the full list of contributors below.

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?2 FAST??the song we WROTE WITH OVER 200+ PPL via @instagram Live IS HERE!!! ??? [Link in bio] Thank you a million times to everybody who submitted lyrics & song ideas in the live songwriting session we did while in Las Vegas on 1/17/19- with me, @bonniemckee @moodkillerdotnet @dylanbrady @umru @social.chair @absrdst @westonallen64 @chesterlockhart and over 200+ viewers who commented!!! (Link includes free download of song, artwork, stems & more!!!) ?Live Stream Co-Writers:? @jessesaintjohn @fantasy.luv @graveyardguy @crapface666 @hoolahoops @xx.helen @caolicolor @bigmegafag @sarahemj @mochibonez @this_iz_juls @btscake100 @_devivated_ @lush_death @oindigno @lush_death @docjenkins @jleaving @xx.helen @ethanhgarcia @e.milyjohnson @thecreaivewave @tori_torie @fantasy.luv @sehquoia @tiam.3dm @moldgirl @hellochrisrusso @mashup22 @sweetmcbonbon @disneyjeepher @cyclops_club @alistairwallis @justintmoran @jimmeneycripes @innerxsanctum @instant_queer @itslulo @hellochrisrusso @gooler3030 @maggiealicehammond @luvrgrl_ @queersubtext @eightballcharisma @thepenguinpub @innerxsanctum @jor6s @jrdeeter @jakebookbinder @fagedelics @manderslicious @audrey.rdrgz @badnrad @_eli0s_ @frootful_diamond @moodkillerdotnet @ihatel0renzo @chchchchava @tomomoyo_ @willvaughan @eyesssurgill @kidsindespair @disneyjeepher @ethangarcia @xocxle @tiam.3dm @idknathaniel @graveyardguy @yisragayla @_lind.r_ @austin_hayes96 @loganzut @dixionthethird @suzannealso @walterofchicago @dannxcx @alistairwallis @ohsnapdannidaily @nopunachieved @bensherb @garrettlikesflames @jake.rockett @ostmartin @bb_mcdd @lewisgrant @keanuorange @velvet_tears @meroshi.dino @monamantia @tennytinyfrog @matheuspethit @solarcools @chesterlockhart @fie1ds @smellysongsinc @rawrmeansiloveyouinninosaur69 @florbandini @aurasintetica @lichen.girl @evanofswords @cornfrickendog @tayxharrington @angelrodx @nsairy @yung_klonopin @graff5248 @wet.more @crapface666 @lizyerby @baby_caramelle @michetemusic @stephaniejeandavis @love.crazy.ash @jadedrava @_rashaaa @canvashobbie Artwork Credits: Album Art by @westonallen64 2 Fast Logo Design Submitted by @glitchmood Photo by @gregstephenreigh

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Written by Toby Bryant

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