Salt Ashes release her latest single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’

Salt Ashes has been making her name as a rising pop star for the last few years now, having released her first single back in 2015. Continuously writing and experimenting with upbeat dance-pop, the London-based artist has gone for a more introspective release as she drops her latest single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’.


Instrumentally, the single comes with a biting edge, dark and synth-driven rhythms propel the track forward. Honing in on the poppier aspects of her craft, ‘Didn’t See It Coming’ stylishly shows off Salt Ashes’ songwriting prowess and captivating vocal melodies. Lyrically, the themes of the single come from a personal experience of Salt Ashes, about a relationship that catches you off guard. In her own words: “‘Didn’t See It Coming’ is my f*cked up version of a love song. It’s how an unexpected love managed to pull me away from a way of life I thought I wasn’t ready to leave until they slapped me in the face… metaphorically, of course.”


Last year saw Salt Ashes release her album ‘Killing My Mind’ an album that instantly found its footing landing in the top 5 spot on the Music Pop Club Charts. Where Salt Ashes decides to take her songwriting capabilities next will be a mystery for just now, however, we already can tell it’s gonna be one to look forward to.


You can listen to Salt Ashes latest single here: 


Written by Emma

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