Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq., The Billionaire Businessman and Property Mogul, CEO Tamleek Real Estate Reit & Global Investments

When we think of luxury out loud, we think of individuals who stand out. Individuals who work

on elements fused with inspired design, innovation and iconic projects that creates profound

memorable moments and leaves a legacy. In Dubai when we think of such individuals, Real Estate Guru, Brian Etemad comes to mind as he brings to the fore projects that are changing the

landscape of Dubai.

Conventional thinking has no place in Brian’s office. A licensed U.S Attorney from New York, Brian is a man of sound academics and rich experience across continents and he likes to take on projects that stir the senses and emotions. His portfolio of projects always has to be environmentally sound, where tenants step into a world of benefits that go beyond luxury and offer unparalleled services and experiences.

Dominating the room with his eclectic style and warm friendly smile, Brian ventures into high energy, fiscally conscious and goal-driven initiatives with a winning smile.

Brian approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving and measured risk-taking to drive consistent success within the real estate industry.

As a licensed U.S attorney in New York, some of the prominent state politicians in New York and California have benefited from Brian’s legal acumen as their strategic consultant. Brian also honed his legal skills working at the Attorney General’s Office in New York and working for Senator Tom McClinton of California.

Brian also spent considerable amount of time in Singapore tendering his legal counsel to various diplomats. He was also the Director of Real Estate Development at DTZ, Singapore. His experience in two major cities act as a foundation to his vision for the contribution he hopes to make to the Real Estate sector in the UAE.

The wealthy people of the world have for generations seen real estate as investment vehicles to accumulate and increase fortunes successfully. Working with the ultrahigh net worth of the world has its obvious benefits, yet Brian remains remarkably down to earth and hopes to become one of the world’s top real estate personalities.

Brian has served as the legal counsel to the renowned development giant, Emaar Properties in the UAE and was involved in finalizing the collaboration between Emaar Properties and the fashion icon, Giorgio Armani.

As Emaar’s legal counsel, Brian was responsible for leading Emaar’s real estate development initiatives across the company’s key markets including both internationally and domestically.

After being selected as the top Real Estate firm in the UAE and because of the rapid success and expansion plans of the company across the MENA region, and eventually throughout the globe, Brian decided to open his own Real Estate Investment company, named Tamleek Real Estate, UAE.

On the personal front, Brian went to the famous Beverly Hills High School and the New York University School of Law. He is single and devoted to hard work, getting optimum results for his projects and having a balanced lifestyle.

Brian is passionate about his company, his work and sees the economic outlook of the region more promising than the rest of the world when it comes to Real Estate.

Being ambitious and driven by success, Brian has a vision to make Tamleek the number one Real Estate Company globally, with strong foundations in the UAE.

To young professionals in Real Estate, Brian advises they should celebrate the wins and not dwell on the losses. ‘Know your skill set so you can excel in the areas of the industry you are good at.’

Brian primarily travels for business but enjoys his visits most to the South of France, Italy and Monaco the most. Dubai however has a special place for him. He believes it is the best city in the world, with great and fantastic leadership under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

After all Dubai is set to become the happiest nation in the world with iconic buildings, world-class infrastructure and new creative hubs where living is made easy for residents and attractions are built for tourists.

To sum up Brian, one would say he is smart, articulate, funny, handsome and tactile and he is eloquent about his work, his passions and with his gritty determination, we know he will achieve all his future endeavors.

Written by CelebMix