The Eden Dora Trust Turned Two Today and Louis Tomlinson Celebrated Being A Patron

The Eden Dora Trust celebrated it’s second birthday today and if you’re a fan of One Direction, you likely celebrated along with it.  Louis Tomlinson has worked closely with the trust since he first heard Eden’s story and his support has truly made a difference in not only the life of Eden, but of multiple families that experience similar roads to the one Eden is on now.

Eden was six when she fell ill with Encephalitis and her world, along with the world of her family, was changed forever.  Her mom says that she’d been a bit off for a few days, so one particular afternoon she was kept home from school.  Before Eden and her mom sat down to watch a film, she suffered a massive seizure – the only prequel to the medical emergency was some complaining over the few days before about some minor leg pain and a headache.

The first 24 hours after her seizure were unfathomable for her family, after the ambulance took her to a hospital she slowly regained consciousness but her vision was gone as was her ability to speak.  She finally began to say mummy and to her, it was more a word of comfort than truly knowing who mummy was, but the next six weeks brought hope for Eden and her family again.  The young girl began to notice her surroundings again, recognize who the people around her were, and with her vision back – she began to learn to walk and speak again.

Eden’s life has changed since the diagnosis and it also left her with an acquired brain injury.  The lives of those around her changed as well.  Her mom explains that she has a different child than the one she raised for six and a half years and that she just wasn’t prepared for what that would mean, and how could you be?  Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of that is what her mom said about Eden knowing that she’s a bit ‘different’.

“Eden is also very aware of her differences to her peers and to the person she was. It makes her very sad!”

After reading her story, we see why it was so easy for Louis to want to become a patron for her charity and help in any way that he could.  Louis isn’t the only famous patron that helps with The Eden Dora Trust – but he’s certainly brought a lot of awareness and support from One Direction’s dedicated fan base.

The Eden Dora Trust Turned Two Today and Louis Tomlinson Celebrates Being A Patron 1


Louis has grown to consider Eden a friend after working with her so closely, keeping in touch with her while on the road, and for a little girl who was worried about what it meant when she realized her life was different – the love and compassion from Louis and the fans he brought to the charity have to make her feel pretty incredible – as she should.  Louis has taken some down time to spend with Eden and her family, attended the events he could when he was in town, and sent her love and well wishes at random, making sure she always knew that she wasn’t far away from his heart.

The Eden Dora Trust celebrated turning two with a party on February 21st and while Louis is currently in Los Angeles, he sent his support out with a tweet today about all they’ve achieved so far and how proud he is to be a patron.

Eden Dora Trust Turns Two Today and Louis Tomlinson Celebrates Being A Patron 1

The video link in the tweet talks about supporting The Eden Dora Trust and what it means when you do.  The trust not only helps people who are experiencing Encephalitis, but those with ABI’s and the families that change forever the moment a loved one is touched by either.

If you want to support The Eden Dora Trust there are a few ways to do so; you can donate to their cause and purchase items from their store.  Also if you live in the area, keep up with their twitter account and webpage for ways to participate in various events.

Happy 2nd birthday to The Eden Dora Trust – and thanks for all you do!

Written by Ashley

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