Frankie Silver

Electronic Pop Artist ‘Frankie Silver’ Releases Debut EP ‘Coming Alive’

Frankie Silver just dropped his debut EP, entitled Coming Alive, featuring five tracks of dance, pop, and electro-pop music. The EP enjoyed the honing touches of two first-rate producers, Zaire Koalo and Colin Brittain.

Silver discovered his love for music at the tender age of six, while performing with the Philadelphia Boys Choir. Later, he attended Philly’s Creative and Performing Arts High School. Electing to pursue ballet, he toured with The International Opera Company, appeared with the Royal Ballet of London, and served as a dancer and choreographer with Disney/ABC’s television productions. An auspicious career came to a screeching halt because of injury.

After undergoing surgery and protracted physical therapy, Silver’s ability to dance, play the piano, and resume gymnastics remained uncertain. Channeling his energy in a new direction, Silver focused on music. The title of his EP reflects his Phoenix-like rise from the ashes – Coming Alive.

“Dance Up On Me” opens the EP with shimmering, pulsating EDM energy. Emerging, whirling synths imbue the tune with lush, radiant hues, as a resonant bassline thrums underneath accompanied by the tough thump of the kick drum. Silver’s tight tenor gives the lyrics a compact heady flavor.

“Someone Else’s Eyes” rides a wash of electro-pop savors, starting off with a softly elegant piano flowing into smooth, sparkling harmonies and filtered synths. The synths assume streaming, rippling colors as the rhythm takes on elevated oomph. “Live, Love, and Die” rides an electro-pop melody flavored with tinges of dance aromas. Silver’s tenor exudes a knotted nasality with a tasty edge to it. The nuanced, palpable feel of this tune works well.

“Part of You” shows off Silver’s vocal range. His velvety falsetto is clean and clear, infusing the tune with a subtle quixotic essence. High and low synth colors bracket Silver’s falsetto, imbuing the music with buttery sonic layers. “The Way You Love Me” features Blair Grippaudo, whose crystalline tones mesh deliciously with Silver’s textured timbres. The pop-flavored melody’s simmering momentum builds stylishly to sizzling, galvanizing discharges.

Coming Alive presents a scintillating debut, establishing Frankie Silver’s talents as a singer-songwriter.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.