Elizabeth Woolf
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Elizabeth Woolf Releases Delicious New EP – ‘maui e’

Pop/soul/folk singer-songwriter Elizabeth Woolf drops the first of a series of EPs, maui e, reflecting the places she has lived during her two-year nomadic journey. maui e will be followed by nyc e, london e, and la e, which will culminate in one album, entitled plac(es), slated for release later this year.

Woolf explains, “The ‘e’ is separated because my name is Elizabeth, but I’m connecting to the truest and purest form of myself, ‘e.’ This is the era of e.”

She goes on, adding, “The ‘maui e’ EP is one chapter of the overall ‘plac(e)s’ musical journey that I have been on. Each city I have lived in represents a different musical side of me. Maui is the acoustic romantic side of me. I listened to a lot of ‘Sides’ by Emily King, and ‘It’s OK’ by MARO. I was living in a beautiful place with my best friends. We made smoothies every morning and watched the sunset every night. I walked on the beach every day and took in the sounds of nature around me. As far as the creation of the songs, I embraced more roles in the production process than ever before. I played the guitar solo on ‘Lady Light,’ and I self-produced ‘I Loved You First.’ it’s been empowering to own more pieces of my creative process, and I’m very grateful for my collaborator, Wes Rodberg, for encouraging me to do so.”

Woolf has been featured in EARMILK, NPR, Ladygunn, The Wild Honeypie, and Atwood Magazine, and is sponsored by D’Angelico Guitars.

Encompassing six tracks, maui e begins with “Secret,” a gently gleaming pop-flavored tune topped by Woolf’s delicious, expressive voice. Radiant harmonies envelop the song in glowing colors.

Perhaps the best track on the EP, “Astronaut Love” opens on low-slung guitars riding a tasty, mid-tempo rhythm as Woolf’s deluxe, dreamy voice imbues the lyrics with warm timbres. The feel and flow of this track are sumptuously seductive.

Dripping with luscious savors of soul and R&B, “Lady Light” first drifts and floats, and then takes on plush washes of tantalizing coloration.

Simultaneously opulent and luxurious, maui e offers enchanting flavors of soul, pop, and folk, blended to perfection by Elizabeth Woolf.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.