Girl Next Door!

Ella Collier Unveils Electrifying “GIRL NEXT DOOR!”

Singer-songwriter and producer Ella Collier introduces the music video, “GIRL NEXT DOOR!,” a song about the wicked betrayal of a lover.

Ella explains, “It’s okay to be angry. I had to tell myself this over and over when the initial shock faded away…”

“GIRL NEXT DOOR!” tells the tale of discovering her deceitful lover is cheating on her, and, if that’s not bad enough, he’s hooking up with the girl next door. Irate and appalled, Collier doesn’t try to suppress the fury she feels.

She lets loose with scathing lyrics, revealing her innermost emotions.

“You can’t be / Can’t be knocking at my door! / When you’re knocking up the girl next door AH !! / Boy, Boy / Is she your / Girl girl? / Yeah, she from next door.”

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and now based in Los Angeles, Ella arrived on the scene in 2019, releasing “Talk.” Since then, Ella has dropped a series of infectious singles, along with an EP, Mood Swings.

Written by Ella Collier, Eli Bramnick, and Sam Short, “GIRL NEXT DOOR” marks Ella’s first experience producing. In an industry saturated by men, Ella took over, resulting in a dazzling, empowering pop anthem.

“GIRL NEXT DOOR!” opens on dark, jarring electro-pop tones topped by Ella’s luscious, femme fatale-flavored timbres, smoldering with potent edges. Syncopated percussion and a fat, vibrating bassline infuse the rhythm with throbbing energy. On the chorus, Ella’s vocals convey slicing tones as she eviscerates not only her lover but the other woman.

Radiant, piercing vocal harmonies imbue the tune with delicious hooks of compelling reproach, giving the song cap-a-pie tangs of stinging contempt.

The video, directed by Cassie Howell, depicts Ella’s emotional anguish as she comprehends what is going on. Trying to call her lover, who is lying in bed with his paramour, her exasperation is palpable. Once she verifies his betrayal, she confronts him, unleashing her pent-up fury.

Pulsating with bewitching electro-pop gusto and piquant leitmotifs, “GIRL NEXT DOOR!” thrums with contagious flair.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.