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Elle PF Unveils New Music Video “Can You Show Me?”

Los Angeles-based indie-rock outfit Elle PF introduces the music video for their recently released single, “Can You Show Me?”

Talking about the song, Elle PF shares, “‘Can You Show Me?’ is a re-make of Elle PF’s very first single written by original members Ranelle Labiche, Jenessa LaSota, and Katharine Seggerman. The song was inspired by the trio reminiscing on experiences they have had working in the music scene over the years, which largely include assumptions based on gender/sex. The assumption that you may not know what you are doing (leading to unsolicited mansplaining), the assumption that you don’t write your own music, the assumption you don’t play a certain instrument or play it well, and/or the assumption that you don’t arrange/produce your own music.”

Vocalist Ranelle Labiche adds, “I will sadly even add the assumption that you don’t play in the band at all! (One time a door person at a venue stopped me while I was carrying in my gear to the show and said “Sorry, groupies don’t get in for free,” and he wouldn’t let me in until my bandmates (all male at the time) vouched for me that I was actually in the band).”

A fun, feminist-inspired song, “Can You Show Me?” tackles the subject with satirical flair.

Made up of Ranelle Labiche (lead vocals, piano, songwriter, producer), Jenessa LaSota (backup vocals, bass), John Acarregui (drums), and Doc (guitar), Elle PF arrived on the scene in 2018, with the release of their debut album, She Wrote It, followed by the recent release of their sophomore album, I Woke Up Today Laughing, featuring “Ultimatum” and “Don’t Think Too Much.”

“Can You Show Me?” opens on a measured thumping rhythm topped by delicious, velvety vocals. Backing vocals infuse the tune with glowing harmonies, giving the song tasty, dripping savors. As the harmonics gather resonance, thrumming with intertwining leitmotifs, the tune shifts to heavier indie-rock textures.

The video, directed by Danin Jacquay, aka Deathcats, depicts almost mannequin-like females as incapable of even the smallest task with the help of males. In the end, the females demonstrate their superior talents.

“Can You Show Me?” is simultaneously lyrically scathing and musically contagious, brimming with potent harmonics and luscious vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.