Ellen DeGeneres – The New Kardashian

This Halloween Ellen DeGeneres is dressed up as the Kardashians’ younger sister, Karla Kardashian – she doesn’t exist by the way.

Decked in a long sleeve zebra print top, black stirrup leggings and a pair of running shoes with giant prosthetic breasts showing enough cleavage, the Emmy winning talk show host created a new Kardashian. So don’t worry, you won’t have to keep up with another Kardashian.

DeGeneres, introduced herself as the lesser known Kardashian of the family on her show. She said, “I’m the lesser known Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian with a K, we’re known for our double K’s, these are double Ks too by the way” (Don’t ponder, she means the boobs.)

“Since I’m the younger sister I get all the hand me downs so these are Kim’s Shape Ups that I’m wearing, and this is Khloe’s old blouse, and the booty is all mine!”

The 57 year old blonde, wore a voluminous black wig and huge round looking glasses to top off the look.

“I’m a big part of the family, but for some reason I’m always cut out of the show. I understand because they only have 12 reality shows that are on TV 80 hours a week but they didn’t have room for me.”

Let’s cheer for the fact that instead of dressing up as a real celebrity, DeGeneres invented one this year.

Written by CelebMix