Elliot Lee has a Message for Drama Queens in New Single

“Drama Queen” is the fiery new single taken from Elliot Lee’s upcoming EP Queen of Nothing

Off-kilter dark pop artist Elliot Lee has been grabbing the spotlight lately, amassing millions of streams and pushing the extremes with their colorful, bold and unpredictable punk persona. Their music fuses polar opposite genres – rock, hip-hop, and pop- with a wildly brilliant outcome.

Elliot’s latest single “Drama Queen” is off of their highly-anticipated EP Queen of Nothing, which tells the story of tyranny, vanity, narcissism and the subsequent downfall of a ruler who lacks the self-awareness and compassion to sustain her kingdom. In “Drama Queen” Elliot tells the story of the queen’s addiction to a superficial material world, stemming from her inability to handle criticism or any negativity that’s thrown her way. This chapter of the story is pivotal, as it marks the start of the queen’s deterioration, and she thoughtlessly turns to self-sabotage, threatening to burn her kingdom to the ground with everyone in it. Laced with stark lyrics that deliver knock-down blows, confident vocals, and laser sharp soundscapes that blend together to create an anthemic dark pop banger, Elliot Lee’s rebellious spirit and delivery proves both infectious and refreshing.

The accompanying video for “Drama Queen” depicts Elliot Lee playing the role of the evil queen, burning her kingdom to the ground and destroying everything in her path. Vivid hues and fire make cumulate to form a chaotic frenzy definitely worth watching.

Elliot Lee is an artist from Brooklyn who has a knack for creating innovative songs that push boundaries and deeply resonate with misfits and underdogs who are often underrepresented.

Check out new Elliot Lee’s single and video for “Drama Queen” here:




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Written by LeahBlack

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