Elohim debuts groundbreaking ‘Braindead’ EP for Mental Health Month

Mental health struggles have been at the forefront of Los Angeles-based Elohim’s artistry from day one. Today, she releases groundbreaking project, Braindead – all proceeds made in May going towards a selection of mental health charities. 

“Imagine you are running through the jungle and a lion is chasing you. You’re running your ass off and you can’t get away. The lion is anxiety. You’re going to learn how to go through the jungle, see the lion and tell the lion to sit down.”

That’s how Elohim welcomes you into the Braindead EP on opening track ‘Running’, before giving away to her gloriously catchy electropop. From the off, it’s clear this isn’t a project like any other. Elohim refuses to skirt around the edges – this is a bold confronting of mental health like no other.

‘Running’ is a pounding battle cry of solidarity, delivered with an honesty that will endear Elohim’s voice to so many. ‘TV’ is a grungy reflection on dealing with depression, “I keep the TV on to drown out the sound, my mind is way too loud”, whose twisting and turning chorus brings the experience to life.

As an artist, Elohim’s candid presence on social media is nothing new for fans won over by 2016 and 2018’s self-titled records. In late April she took to Instagram to open up about her journey with medication, writing: “I’m feeling braindead today. It’s this constant battle of is medication helping or is it the reason my brain is pounding and feels like it’s trying to break open my skull”.

Indeed, ‘Braindead’ is a name of another of the EP’s stand-out moments. “We are braindead, looking for something to numb the pain” Elohim soars in a track lifted by the knowledge, “at least I know that I’m not alone”. Though this is not the mindless rallying up of a care-free generation so readily snapped up for radio play. Elohim is talking of real issues that people face today as she reflects: “we are all drugged up just to survive this life which is full of lies”. A set of docu-series type YouTube videos are set to be rolled out over the course of the month.

‘Pills’ follows suit in tacking the role of medication on mental health, whilst ‘Meditation Medication’ is an airy interlude track that has all the hallmarks of one of Elohim’s coping mechanisms.

On top of it all, Braindead is a timely reminder of Elohim’s potency as a producer. Swaying from hyper-produced electronica to simplistic gold, she’s an artist in their prime and a leading female name on the EDM scene. Now, preparing for an upcoming US tour with Blackbear and a series of festival performances, including a slot at Governor’s Ball, it’s time for the Braindead EP to come to life.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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