Eloise releases her new single “Suckers”

Gentleman is referred to the man who treats his people right. His humility comes before his ego and he knows how to take care of his loved ones. It would be great to meet such a man, wouldn’t it?

Eloise does not think so. In her new single, Eloise takes the definition on its heel and present an affair with an anti-hero. The protagonist is a “cold man” adorning a “cheap tuxedo” who is anything but sweet. There is an attempt to show the kind of liaison that survives on false commitment and uncertainty.

The tone is satirical as there seems to be an attempt to mock an often exaggerated notion of true love and the perfect man.

As Eloise refers to herself and people like her as “suckers”, she defines rebelliousness in its truest form. In terms of musicality, the song is yet another example of dark pop, a style Eloise is quite famous for. In other words, it’s not just the narrative but also the music that defy the conventions.

In her own words, Eloise creates a brand of “dark pop that always manages to be sinister somehow”. Eloïse has been lauded for her intense, sonorous vocals that further this cynical tone.

The unique singer has developed a musical style that also evokes an aesthetic appeal. She experiments with her own distinct sense of personal style, choosing to make bold artistic statements with her music. Check out the links below to hear more from this intriguing new songstress.

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