Introducing: Eloïse and her ‘Studio 54’ Debut Release

If you’re looking for an artist who gives off major Lana Del Rey vibes with her haunting voice and cynical lyrics, you definitely need to check out seventeen year old newcomer, Eloïse and her debut single, ‘Studio 54’!

Eloïse marks her debut with her captivating single, ‘Studio 54’ and has already been seeing support from BBC Introducing! Her voice shares similarities of artists such as Lana Del Rey, Florence Welch, Banks, and even gives us some Fleetwood Mac vibes. She goes beyond her youth by integrating emotional maturity and poeticism into her lyrics and manages to find the perfect blend of R&B and Pop Music.

Eloïse channels the sound of these similar artists rather than imitate them and definitely experiments with her own style in ‘Studio 54’.

“You say you’ve seen this before, children in Studio 54. Then go ahead and find something more, I’m holding out to the hearts start to pour”.

The lyrics make you think which adds to the whole mysterious and haunting vibe that the beat and voice give off. Eloïse plays with her listener’s sense of imagery as she captivates them with her voice.

“It’s been midnight for longer than it should. There’s more conviction and our evil than good”

‘Studio 54’ as Eloïse’s debut track is a promising effort that showcases that Eloïse is an artist to watch. It’s a track that you’ll find yourself humming later on but you won’t exactly know why. Check out the track here:

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Written by CelebMix