Emma Blackery Returns With Sassy New Single “Dirt”

Emma Blackery is back on our radar with her latest release “Dirt”, the lead single off her upcoming album and the beginning of a new era of music for the singer-songwriter. Since its release on Friday, the single already reached #21 on the UK iTunes chart, and it was added to the New Music Friday UK playlist on Spotify.

“Dirt” is the song to listen to if you’re in the mood for some well-served pettiness. The song is about on ex-friend who went on to say some negative things about Emma online. The lyrics feature many references to popular Internet slang such as “sipping tea” “keeping receipts” and ” throwing shade”. The chorus is insanely catchy, and many listeners have commented that the song has a mix of Taylor Swift and Paramore vibes. We think it has a signature twist and is still very Emma Blackery!

The song was written in August 2017 when Emma was going through a difficult time and needed to let some anger out. She recently tweeted out the original demo of the song. Take a listen for yourself here–  it’s amazing to see how it’s evolved since then!

The music video for “Dirt” was also released on Friday on Emma’s VEVO channel. Aside from a visually appealing solid pink and blue aesthetic, the video features plenty of tea-sipping, a bathtub full of receipts, and Emma biting a sour lemon. It contains the perfect dose of visual sass needed to accompany the witty lyrics of the song.

During the leadup to “Dirt”, fans created a unique challenge to promote the song based on the single art that features Emma holding a lemon. Under the hashtag #DirtOutMarch16th, there are hundreds of videos of Emma’s fans biting into lemons and recording their reactions. Emma judged several of the videos on a scale from 1 to 10, taking the severity of each reaction into account. Of course, Emma herself took the challenge and scored 10/10.

Emma has dropped hints about new music and given generous sneak peeks to her loyal YouTube audience in her weekly vlogging series “In Pursuit of A Dream”, or IPOAD for short. Her debut album is well underway. The tracks have all been written and selected, and Emma has been making frequent trips to the studio to work on perfecting the songs.

Emma has mentioned several times that her new sound will be more pop-oriented than ever before. Her earlier releases, such as “Sucks To Be You”, lean more towards pop-punk. Emma’s previous venture, her EP “Magnetised”, marked her transition to a more mature sound, featuring several introspective tracks and personal stories.

There is also new “Dirt” themed merchandise to accompany Emma’s single! Some highlights are a mug with the words “don’t make me spill it”, a t-shirt with song lyrics “You know I got dirt on you” and another with “I got tea for two”. The new merch is available for purchase here.

We’re huge fans of Emma’s new single! We absolutely can’t wait to hear her new music sometime in the near future. Be sure to check back here for updates on Emma’s upcoming album. In the meantime, buy or stream “Dirt” here!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.