Emma Watson Recommends Twilight Series

Emma Watson Turns Twenty-Six 1Emma Watson, popularly known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series has openly recommended The Twilight Series as one of the must read books. Interestingly enough, Twilight itself is a much loved and respected franchise after the Harry Potter Series itself. Not only is the franchise respected, there also exists another link in the form of Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen; both played by Robert Pattinson and shocking enough- both die (at some point of time).

Emma Watson Recommends Twilight Series 1It would not be very wrong to say that Watson, who is a feminist and declares herself to be a proud one, too; is attracted towards the book not only for its delicate plot but also for the protagonist, Isabella Swan’s (Bella) courage and strong decisions in life. Looking at it from a feminist point of view, Bella though initially being a human, was one of the strongest characters in the book. The choices she makes and the way she stands up to her decisions is not easy enough knowing that the person who one loves is neither dead nor alive.

To quote Watson’s opinion, she had said, “This is so sad, but I literally felt depressed when I finished reading [the Twilight series] because I thought, ‘Oh my God, what am I going to do now?’”. In fact, not only for Watson, but also for everyone who has read the series and would read it in the future, it is an unputdownable read. There is a vacuum of a certain kind once the series has been finished. The strongly gripping movie, with its subtle twists and turns touches one’s heart.

Emma Watson is an avid reader herself. Earlier in 2016, she had launched a Goodreads book club which is called Our Shared Shelf. Each month a book with a feminist theme is featured in the club. Every book has a meaning and a strong female character. Every book is unique in its own way and imparts wisdom and experience to its readers.

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