The most emotional moments from Orange is the New Black Season 4

The latest chapter of the Netflix original series hit show is filled with brilliant acting and tear-shedding moments. So we’ve made a collection of our top seven emotional moments from ‘Orange is the new black’ season four.


No. 7 – Aydin’s death

Kicking off the list, within 2 minutes of the first episode we have our first murder. Lolly Whitehill attacks a henchman sent to kill Alex, despite her best efforts the man is only knocked unconscious. So the real emotion comes in about 30 minutes later in the episode, when Alex returns to the greenhouse to kill him. Aydin (disguised as a guard) lies paralysed on the wooden floorboards as Alex straddles him and slowly, calmly places her hand over his mouth and pinches his nose with her other hand. Instantly you can see how conflicted Alex is in her head about this man, she knew this man, she had worked with him and her old boss – drug kingpin, Kubra Balik. She can be heard sobbing and her face is contorted with pain for him, this was by far one of the most emotional murders of the season and of this show.

No. 6 – Maria and Yadriel

Number six on our list, happens throughout episode 2 while we explore the past of Maria Ruiz. We feel as though this character really runs this season and is much more central than previous seasons. Jessica Pimentel’s character doesn’t have a particularly emotional backstory however it was nicely uplifting watching Maria slowly fall in love with her future partner, Yadriel. Later on, Maria is seen arguing with her father and he kicks her out of the house. In season two we found out about Maria and Yadriel’s daughter, Pepa.

Top 5 most emotional moments from OITNB season 4 1

No. 5 – Piper gets branded

Number five on our list is Piper getting the nazi symbol branded into her skin during episode eight, by the ‘Latinas’. Piper managed to get three years added onto Maria Ruiz’s sentence after she manipulated her in getting caught for being part of a prison gang. Piper is seen wailing in pain after she has been kidnapped during Nicky’s welcoming party. Everything about this scene, from the sound of her sizzling flesh to the pure emotional acting coming from Schilling, is perfect.

Top 5 most emotional moments from OITNB season 4 2

No. 4 – Crazy eyes VS Kukudio

Number four on our list happens during episode eleven, when Suzanne is forced by the guards to fight her ex-girlfriend, Kukudio. In the moments leading up to the fight she is seen as completely uncomfortable and very nervous, her ex-partner is encouraging her to fight and yelling at her. Soon later, Warren snaps and suddenly starts aggressively attacking Maureen. She repeatedly punches her and her face is seen smeared with blood pouring from her nose and mouth. Warren is screaming and possibly crying as she has an emotional breakdown in front of the other inmates.

Top 5 most emotional moments from OITNB season 4 3

No. 3 – Peaceful protest

Number three on our list goes to the peaceful protest in episode twelve of the season. The prisoners are angry with Captain of the guards, Desi Piscatella’s actions. They want him fired on grounds of the injustice he has caused and disrupt in the prison. At this point, Piscatella seems more in charge and control than the warden himself, Joe Caputo. The protest starts with Blanca and Piper standing on the table then Alex, Nicky, Red, Maria, Poussey and the rest of the prison follow. Eventually they are all standing on the tables in the cafeteria, facing the guards and this turns into a prison riot.

Top 5 most emotional moments from OITNB season 4 5

No. 2 – Lolly is put in psych

Number two on our list goes to Sam Healy and Lolly Whitehill at the end of episode eleven. Throughout the season, these two have formed a relationship through Lolly’s unstable mental health situation. They became very close and we think Healy found solace in helping the inmate while he was going through his own struggles. At the end of the episode, Sam is seen walking Lolly into the Psych ward. Lolly is oblivious to this and only realises where she’s being taken after she notices another inmate being tied and restrained to a bed. But its too late and the gate has closed behind her. She can be heard screaming “Mr Healy! There’s been a mistake!” as tears stream down Sam’s face.

Top 5 most emotional moments from OITNB season 4 8

No. 1 – Poussey’s demise

And our number one spot of course, has to go to the tragic and untimely death of the amazing Poussey Washington. This beautiful character played by Samira Wiley has been a part of the show since 2013 and will be greatly missed. We really thought Poussey shone this season, her relationship with Soso was blossoming and she was finally in a good place with Taystee and her past as an alcoholic. We felt her character had so much more to give this season however her passing caused a much needed emotional dip in the story line. The events were reaching a dangerous crescendo and the script needed something to show closure and a final, shocking moment of the season.

Top 5 most emotional moments from OITNB season 4 6

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