Yes, you read that right – England have won the Ashes!

They did so earlier today by bowling out Australia for 253, meaning they clinched victory via 3-1 series lead, winning the match by an innings and 78 runs.

Taking a look at England’s Ashes history, you’d be forgiven for not holding out much hope in the team regaining them this time around. A month ago, cricket pundits everywhere were declaring that the Aussies would win by a by a score of 3-1 – how ironic that it’s we Brits that have thrashed them by said score.

The dates on which England either retained or regained the uber-tiny urn are September 12 2005, August 23 2009, December 29 2010, August 5 2013 and now today – August 8 2015.

Speaking shortly after the win, captain Alistair Cook said:

“I couldn’t be happier. From what we’ve been through in the last 18 months, to play like this, is incredible. I’m so proud of this young team.”

Team-mate Ben Stoakes added:

“We’ve won the Ashes with one game to go, it’s absolutely surreal. From where I was last time in Australia to be an Ashes-winner it’s absolutely amazing.”

Today also brought the confirmation that Australia’s Michael Clarke is to retire from Test cricket after news organisations and online sites began circulating rumours about such a decision early yesterday.



Written by CelebMix