EP Preview | Betty Moon Premieres ‘Hellucination’ This Spring

One of our favorite artists – Betty Moon – will premiere her new EP, Hellucination,” this spring. The first single/music video from the EP was released at the end of February. It’s entitled “Save My Soul.”

Moon describes the various influences on Hellucination, “I’m thrilled to soon release what is easily my favorite compilation of work to-date. ‘Save My Soul’ is just a taste of what I think is the perfect balance of new and old school Betty Moon sounds, and has just enough rock n’ roll to help keep guitar rock alive.”

Originally from Toronto, Moon’s career took off when she signed with A&M Records. She went on to receive nominations for four CASBY Awards, including Best Album, Best Single, Best Video, and Best Artist. After moving to L.A., she released her fifth album, Rollin’ Revolution, followed by becoming the featured artist at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, where she performed with The Offspring, Steve Aoki, and Marilyn Manson. Her music has graced television and films: Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Walking the Dead, and Last Gasp.

Moon’s last album, Chrome, dropped in 2017, going on to achieve massive success because of songs like “Sound” and “Natural Disaster.”

Hellucination encompasses seven-tracks blending an eclectic array of alternative elements from soul, rock, electro-pop, and electronic, whipped up with Moon’s distinctive, inimitable hard-hitting flair and smoking sensuality.

The EP opens with “Dirty Love,” a sexy R&B-infused tune on a potently throbbing groove topped by Moon’s erotic femme fatale voice. Gooey, luminous background harmonies give the tune seething seduction. The remix of “Crazy” rides a pulsing electronic melody with a muscular rhythm propelled by a fat crusty bass line and snapping percussion.

“Figure It Out (Runaway)” opens on dark sultry colors flowing into a tight electro-pop tune radiating velvety textures, smooth and viscous. Moon’s voice takes on a rasping quality suffused with steamy tumescent colors. This track is tight and right.

“Save My Soul” rolls on swirling synths bathed in vibrant glistening electro-pop flavors. Moon struts the range of her vocal prowess on this glossy song. On “Get Your Gun,” Moon delivers the residual energy of alt-rock muscle, along with growling synths and luscious creamy vocals full of scrumptious iridescence.

“Hands Full Of Nothing” opens on trembling colors, as Moon’s spectacularly evocative voice glides overhead on blushes of pop-laced hues. This is one of the EP’s highlights because of its rippling flow and layers of lush harmonics. “Crazy” features a resonant infectious electro-pop melody with heavy dollops of tasty pop dynamics breaking through, imbuing the tune with tiger-like flamboyance.

Hellucination delivers crème de la crème melodies, wicked rhythms, and the exquisite vocal talents of the one and only Betty Moon.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.