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EP Preview: Jordana Talsky Will Drop Dazzling ‘Zahava’ EP

Canadian singer-songwriter Jordana Talsky will release her dazzling new EP, Zahava, on August 27.

Describing the EP, Jordana shares, “This is an all-vocal looping record. All of the sounds were made by my voice or body.”

She goes on to add, “In becoming a loop artist and learning to do a new thing with myself, I have come up against my insecurities and criticisms, and have found that in many ways, this creative journey has mirrored the challenge I experience to be at home with myself. I believe most of us have different parts to our identities that are in conflict, but which can be harmonized as we grow into ourselves. I am a person of several voices, and now a choir of one. ‘Zahava.’ my middle name, means ‘golden’ in Hebrew and reminds me that the gold in all of us – our beauty, wisdom, and power – will be best harnessed when we learn to feel at home. I hope something in this music may inspire you to find home in yourself.”

Blending elements of jazz, pop, and indie into organic compositions, Jordana’s song, “RUN,” was selected as a finalist in the 2018 CBC Searchlight Contest. She has also been a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and the Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition.”

Along with touring Canada and Europe, she performed at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, while her previous singles, “Neither of Either” and “Standard Deviation,” received international airplay.

LA Music Critic referred to Jordana as “…one of those voices who can sell albums by just singing the phone book…”

Comprising six tracks, highlights on the EP include “Superpower,” with its upbeat, indie-pop vocals attended by snaps and a thumping kick-drum. Glowing harmonies embellish Jordana’s plush, crystalline voice. Further layers of harmonies infuse the tune with polychromatic coloration.

“Oh Yeah” opens on booping tones as Jordana’s posh tones give the lyrics delicious creamy textures, followed by an array of splendid harmonies. “Over The Wall” merges flavors of pop and soul into a stylish collection of voices, at once tantalizing and reflecting searching savors.

A personal favorite, “City Lights” amalgamates patinas of dream-pop and suggestions of jazz into a tune rife with smooth as silk harmonies and Jordana’s evocative timbres.

Remarkable for its interweaving vocals which form the music, Zahava parades the glossy runs of the deluxe voice of Jordana Talsky.

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