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EP Review: Anna Pancaldi’s “Sweet Charity”

We first introduced you to singer and songwriter Anna Pancaldi a few weeks ago when we revealed her latest single, “Brother,” but now she is back with her new three-song EP, “Sweet Charity,” which is quite simply amazing.

The Essex-born singer and songwriter really strives for and achieves incredible things with this body of work and we are so happy to have had the chance to listen to it before it is officially released on 20th March. And we loved it so much that we just had to review it, and give you all a heads up on what is surely going to be your new obsession.

Brother is probably the most personal and poignant song on the whole EP with Anna describing it as her, “most honest offering thus far.” The stunning ballad is definitely the highlight of, “Sweet Charity,” with its simple composition which allows Anna’s unique voice to really reach new heights. The song starts off slow as the beautiful sound of a piano can be heard, but then Anna’s voice breaks through and completely takes over. She takes the song to a whole new level with her spine-tingling tone and her voice almost entirely melts into the piano notes. You can tell that Anna means every single word that comes out of her mouth, and every line seems more powerful than the last as the track goes on.

Overall, the arrangement of this song is perfect. It showcases everything from Anna’s talented piano playing skills to her raw and emotional voice which always manages to give us goosebumps and it’s easy to see why the song has touched so many people since it was first released.

Keep On Keeping On
Keep On Keeping On is another amazing song on, “Sweet Charity,” and we don’t think the EP would be the same without it! The track, which was produced by James Kenosha (Rhodes, Lone Wolf, and Gavin James), is a bit more up-tempo than the previous one and it almost has a folk sound to it that is reminiscent of something The Civil Wards would release. But despite this comparison, it still stays true to Anna’s distinctive style and is a classic Anna Pancaldi song from start to finish.

Anna’s tone on the track is as emotive as ever and just like with her previous songs you can feel her raw emotion more and more as the song continues. She makes you feel what she is feeling and you can almost see what she sees too. Her voice is so powerful and it blends so perfectly into the music in the background, which on this song in particular is very string-heavy. The beat of the background music will surely have either your feet tapping, your head nodding, or both. It completely envelopes you and it makes you feel like you are actually a part of the song.

And if like us you can’t get enough of this song, then make sure you listen out for it the next time you take a trip on a British Airways plane. It has been chosen for their playlist of unsigned artists so it will be played far and wide in 2017, and we are so excited!

Stay Right Here
Stay Right Here is the last song on the EP, and Anna definitely saved the best for last. The song is a perfect mixture of power and passion. It is definitely a song that we will have playing in our heads for a very long time, but we aren’t complaining about that at all!

The song starts off simply, with the delicate sound of the strings in the background playing off of Anna’s pitch-perfect vocals just right. But then the song builds. More and more layers are added to the music and Anna’s voice becomes more emotive and passionate than ever. As she lets the words on her heart pour out, you can feel yourself becoming even more gripped and immersed in the whole experience of the song. It doesn’t take long for you to be completely invested in it, feeling every strum of the guitar and every syllable that Anna sings. It takes you on a journey full of ups and downs until it ends in the most amazing way before almost letting you down gently and leaving you with a feeling of complete satisfaction… If at the end of this song you are not saying, “wow that was incredible,” then you are doing something wrong and you need to go back and listen to it again.

Overall, we think that this EP is stunning. It is everything that we wanted and never knew we needed and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to review it ahead of its release. (20th March, guys!)

And Anna seems pretty happy with it too! In a recent interview with Sound Thread, she said that the making of, “Sweet Charity,” was, “a very special moment,” and that, “it’s the most proud I have been of anything I have ever made.”

To celebrate the release, “Sweet Charity,” Anna will be holding an exciting launch event at The Victoria in London on 22nd March. You can buy tickets for the event right here and we really hope that you all do as it will surely be an incredible night full of music and fun to celebrate the launch of this amazing collection of music.

Will you be buying Sweet Charity when it is released or attending Anna’s launch event? Let us know on Twitter, @CelebMix.

Written by Zoe Adams

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