Anna Pancaldi

Introducing: Anna Pancaldi & Her New Single “Brother”

If you had to describe Anna Pancaldi in a few words, you might say that she is gorgeous, funny, and insanely talented. She is definitely a musician that you need to watch out for this year, and we are certain that she is going to make big waves on the charts when her latest EP, “Sweet Charity,” drops in March. But before we tell you how excited we are for its release, we want to introduce you to the person behind the voice and we also want to tell you why you need to listen to her newest single, “Brother,” which is, in two words, simply stunning.

Anna Pancaldi is a singer and songwriter from Essex who already has a very admirable discography behind her which includes two previous EP’s and three Top 10’s on iTunes. Her love for music is one of a kind and she attributes both her passion and her success to overcoming the challenges that she faced when she was younger. These obstacles included a move to South Africa and a crippling case of stage fright, which only proved to make her stronger. Music is in Anna’s blood so it isn’t a surprise that she has been so successful and with, “Sweet Charity,” only a few weeks away, we think that her success is here to stay.

Although Anna has sold out shows all around the United Kingdom in the past, she has seen success overseas too. She made her live television debut on CBS which is one of the United States’ biggest channels and following this, she secured a deal with the famous American clothing company, Levi’s. She later penned a song for the brand’s Lot 700 collection of jeans and she also starred in their accompanying advert.

Back in Britain, her single, “Keep On Keeping On,” has been chosen for the British Airways’ playlist of unsigned artists which means that you will be able to hear the track on every British Airways flight in 2017. Not too shabby for a girl from Essex!

One of the stand-out tracks on her upcoming EP is a song called, “Brother,” which is a spine-tingling yet honestly beautiful piece of art. It draws you in immediately and keeps you captivated until the very last note. The song is simple, elegant, compelling, and totally unforgettable which is helped by Anna’s distinctive voice which could easily be compared to that of Birdy or even Adele. The raw piano playing in the background certainly doesn’t hurt the song, either. Between the heartfelt lyrics and the overall composition of it all, this song is nothing short of amazing and we are so glad that Anna chose it as her latest single.

We already love it, but we want to know what you think of it too so check it out below:

If you want to hear, “Brother,” again then not only are you welcome to replay it a hundred times over but you will be able to hear it when it is performed live on Anna’s forthcoming tour which you can get tickets for right here.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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