EP Review : Eben Releases Past Hundred Days

After the release of his single ‘Lambo’ earlier this year, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next release from 21 year old singer Eben.

Eben announced that he would be releasing his EP on August 21st and since the announcement was made, his fans have been counting down and keeping the hashtag #PastHundredDays trending.

Well, the waiting game is over and at midnight Eben’s new EP was released.

Throughout the EP we are presented with the prefect blend of smooth hip-hop and a splash of pop. This is a definite step up on the music world ladder.

Eben has produced a chronological project on which he’s experienced heartbreak, touring with Why Don’t We and the ups and downs of these Past Hundred Days. The EP is an inward look into his personal life and career an artist. The nostalgic mood is perfect for Eben as an artist because we see how his music is influenced and how past pain and vulnerability has allowed him to create a set a songs crafted from experience.

The opening song, ‘That’s Alright’ sees Eben face problems and hardship in everyday life but he shows how he is actively taking matters into his own hands and showing his strength of character! Although he has produced music showing negative moments, he doesn’t let that weigh down the mood and keeps the song with an upbeat vibe. We can see this throughout the whole EP but he doesn’t miss the chance to write about the amazing moments he’s experienced as well!

This EP is definitely one you can listen to on repeat and enjoy the moments Eben has experienced and that have then allowed him to write such heartfelt lyrics resulting in a spectacular project of his Past Hundred Days.

We congraulate Eben on his new release and can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future.

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Written by Sofia Esposito

I'm a fun loving, music and film fanatic. I love makeup and fashion! I enjoy going out to concerts, fanfests, meet ups and I'm never too far from a cool cafe, record shop or library!