EP Review: Jordan Walker – ‘Demons’

17-year-old singer-songwriter Jordan Walker recently released his debut EP, titled ‘Demons.’ The EP consisted of several original tracks, including ‘Ghost Town,’ ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ and ‘Demons.’ Following the EP’s release, it gained an excellent chart position in the singer-songwriter charts. The EP allows for the talented singer-songwriter to demonstrate his incredible vocal abilities and show his diversity and versatility as an artist.

Jordan tweeted his fans, thanking them for their support with his EP:

‘So a Top 5 album on iTunes? I thought 2 people would listen to it. ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough. You have made me the happiest boy in the world.’

Here at CelebMix, we review the ‘Demons’ EP. Check out our review below.

1. ‘Ghost Town’

This is an excellent introductory track to the EP and showcases an extremely unique sound, also allowing for Jordan to demonstrate his phenomenal vocal abilities. Throughout this song, there seems to be a hint of musical style sound. We absolutely love this track, and it truly sets the standard for the rest of the EP!

2. ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

‘Don’t Let Me Go’ is one of the most emotional tracks on the EP, despite having an upbeat sound to it. The track is extremely guitar-focused and with the stripped back nature of the track, it allows for Jordan’s vocals to be shown off again. The track explains the pain of not having someone, begging them not to leave you. With emotive lyrics such as ‘I’m not going to let you go now,’ this is quite possibly one of our favourites from the EP!

3. ‘Heaven’ (featuring Marlee)

This track represents an extremely different sound on the EP – an extremely upbeat track! In every track throughout the EP, Jordan’s phenomenal vocal abilities are showcased and this track was no exception. This is the only track on the EP to feature another artist, and it is always good to hear two talented individuals collaborate on a track. The two voices truly complement each other, making for another incredible track!

4. ‘Demons’

‘Demons’ is a vocally powerful track and recognises that everyone fights their own individual battles, sometimes battles that others may know nothing about. It is truly endearing to hear such a young singer-songwriter acknowledge the ‘demons’ that many face, and to use this to be put into a song is incredible and further highlights the talent of Jordan.

5. ‘Blind’

Just like ‘Don’t Let Me Go,’ this track has a relatively stripped back element and just like every other track on the EP, highlights his incredible vocal abilities. As well as sounding stripped back, the track is absolutely phenomenal and is a good way to end an absolutely incredible debut EP from the talent that is Jordan Walker.

The diversity and versatility of sounds showcased on the EP are all truly phenomenal. For such a young talented individual to come up with such a range of sounds that all manage to fit together truly demonstrates the talent he produces, and without a doubt, he has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry!

The EP is available to buy on iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster