EP REVIEW: Park Hye Jin

EP REVIEW: Park Hye Jin carves out her own sonic palette on ‘How can I’

Two years ago, Park Hye Jin broke new ground on her debut EP ‘IF U WANT IT’. The South Korean DJ, producer, and rapper has lapped up the support of some of house music’s most recognised names including Jamie XX, and, on her latest collection of tracks titled ‘How can I’, the artist continues to chip away at the tired term ‘genre’, carving out her own unique sonic palette.

‘Like this’ mixes hazy drum taps with muffled cymbal hits; ‘Can you’ is a cluster of soft keyboard harmonies and lifting drum beats, and the title track lends a stylistic approach to house music with lofty vocals atop of fluffy keyboard melodies. ‘NO’ is a heady dance track with gritty tonality; ‘How come’ is a mix up of fast hi-hats tempered by sleepy synth notes, and ‘Beautiful’ merges reverberating drum blasts with celestial production.

On ‘How can I’, Park Hye Jin composes herself amid the current chaos and conducts a tranquil collection of tracks that permit the hype that surrounds her.

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Written by Alister

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