Eurovision 2016 France Representative, Amir, Releases New Single & Music Video “Longtemps”

We have a brand new single release this week from Amir, who represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. His new song is titled “Longtemps” and is cut from his upcoming reissue of his 2017 album, Addictions. A music video was also dropped alongside the release of this single.

Amir, full name Amir Haddad, is a French-Israeli singer-songwriter who first made his name known by competing in Israeli song competition Kokhav Nolad, which means A Star Is Born in English which is their version of Pop Idol; he advanced by four stages before being eliminated. Next, he became a contestant on series three of The Voice: la plus belle voix, the French version of The Voice, finishing in third place. This set him up nicely to become France’s Eurovision 2016 representative. At the contest he sang “J’ai cherché”, quickly becoming a bookies favourite and going on to come sixth in the Grand Final – which is France’s best placing since 2002. Since then, he’s released follow-up singles which have charted moderately well in France and even featured on the French version of OneRepublic’s song “No Vacancy”. He has, so far, released three studio albums.

The song was written by Assaf Tzrouya and Nazim Khaled, while the former produced the track alongside Tiery F. As for the music video, that was directed by Colin Solal Cardo. This is more of a slow-tempo ballad than what we’re used to from Amir, and it will be a welcomed addition to the reissue of Addictions.

Watch Amir’s Music Video To “Longtemps” Here:

The relaxing ballad track is accompanied by a strong guitar throughout, giving us Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes vibes wrapped around beautiful French lyrics and Amir’s amazing vocals. It’s a sweet song that is completely filled with love throughout and so it’s no wonder that a loving couple were chosen as characters for the narration of the music video.

In the video, we watch a loving couple spend time together, enjoying their time together, just them, no one else, and they don’t need anything else. That’s what the song is about, being one with the person you love – that’s what our rough translation of the lyrics told us. Throughout the visual, Amir can be seen playing his guitar and singing his song, it’s mellow and subtle but it’s still full of passion. He’s definitely someone we need to see live.

“Longtemps” (which means Long Time in English) is available to download and stream via Sash Productions. The reissue of his latest album Addictions is on its way, and we’re excited to see how this song fits in with the album.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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