Image of Rotterdam, the Netherlands with the Eurovision 2020 slogan "Open Up"

Eurovision 2020 Wants You To “Open Up” With Music As They Announce This Year’s Slogan

Every single year, the Eurovision Song Contest announces their slogan and 2020 is no different as the contest heads to Rotterdam, Netherlands; they’ve decided that this year’s slogan will be: “Open Up”.

The slogan for the 2020 contest was announced via a video released on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. It follows memorable and inspiration slogans from the previous years such as 2015’s “Building Bridges”, 2016’s “Come Together”, 2017’s “Celebrate Diversity”, 2018’s “All Aboard!”, and 2019’s “Dare To Dream”.

The video opens up with Duncan Laurence (winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and the reason Eurovision 2020 is being hosted by the Netherlands after 20 years) asking the question, “What is it really about?” before launching into a rapid show of multiple images, clearly preparing to let us know what Eurovision is all about with the focus on the new slogan, “Open Up”.

We see Duncan Laurence’s winning performance of his song “Arcade” with the words: “For some it’s all about music”. The visual then play around with the words giving various interpretations of what Eurovision is for people, ending the sentence with, “For you it can be whatever you want it to be.”

We’re next taken to the inspiration of Eurovision when it was created all those years ago in 1956 where a broken Europe – due to World War II – needed to recover by reconnecting with one another through music. The first Eurovision Song Contest had just seven countries competing but now it’s expanded with up to 43 countries taking part. The clip used in the video shows Lys Assia’s performance of “Refrain” at the 1956 contest, which she went on to win.

Following that up, the video expresses that Europe opened up to one another after the war, through the Eurovision Song Contest. It finishes up the video using the slogan to ask people to open up to music, to each other, to Europe, and to Rotterdam.

Watch The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 “Open Up” Slogan Video Here:

That isn’t all that the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel has released, they also followed up the slogan video explaining how the slogan was created. This video starts off by revealing a few of the previous slogans from recent years before launching into an interview with the executive producer of the event, Sietse Bakker. He reveals that the slogan came about after talking to over 100 people about what they want from a Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands, and they were asked what they want to tell about their country to Europe and the rest of the world. He goes on to say, “And one thing that kept coming back in those conversations was that the Netherlands is an open country, ‘we are open-minded people’, ‘we speak our minds’, so we said we had to do something with the word ‘open’.”

Watch The Eurovision “Creating The Slogan” Video Here:

There’s been mixed reaction to the slogan, leading to some hilarious memes, and various hilarious comments since “Open Up” can be considered an innuendo – so expect more and more jokes on the slogan over the next seven months in the run-up to May. Here at CelebMix, we’re not so keen on it, and we don’t consider it motivational, inspirational, or memorable, but our thoughts may well change as more news is announced – we cannot wait for the stage design to be revealed, and the slogan sure doesn’t give anything away, whatsoever.

We expect some Eurovision 2020 acts are set to be announced soon; so far we have Blas Cantó for Spain and Hooverphonic for Belgium.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will take place at the Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands after Duncan Laurence won the 2019 contest with the song “Arcade” where he scored a total of 498 points. The two Semi-Finals will be taking place on 12 May 2020 and 14 May 2020, whilst the Grand Final will take place on 16 May 2020.

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