In Love... Again

Everything But The Everything Drops “In Love… Again” feat. Golden Plates

Bay Area songwriter and producer Everything But The Everything (EBTE), aka Izzy The Gent, recently released a brand-new single, “In Love… Again,” featuring Golden Plates, aka Elder Brycen.

Talking about how the two artists connected, Izzy The Gent explains, “Elder Brycen was a fan of my latest release and we ended up connecting on Instagram, and of course, after hearing his music I was hooked as well. We talked about collaborating for a while and after tracking ideas and files back and forth, we found the perfect track and we are now excited to share this single with you. We really worked on finding the balance between some of my bright and strummy ideas vs many of his dark and driving tracks, and this was the perfect fit for both of us.”

Golden Plates speaks to “In Love… Again,” saying, “It’s a story about the time you meet someone, and they’re incredible, and they really seem to like you too… so you go and sabotage everything before they get the opportunity to break your already maimed heart into tiny little pieces.”

In accordance with his usual practice, Everything But The Everything continues to collaborate with the best musicians and vocalists, including “Denials” with Tobias Hawkins of Counting Crows fame, “Blue Sun” with Olivia Barchard, and “The Story,” featuring Sophia Prise.

“In Love… Again” opens on shimmering new wave colors topped by Golden Plates’ evocative vocals, exuding mysterious timbres. A rolling bassline and tight percussion infuse the tune with a beguiling rhythm, at once potent and slightly blurred. Thick washes of rippling leitmotifs give the song lush waves of sonic density.

With its retro flavors of new wave and tinctures of post-punk nuances, “In Love… Again” reveals the depth of EBTE’s talent.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.