Exclusive: Alphabeat talk about their inspiration for Shadows in a behind the song video

Alphabeat are back! They have a catchy new song Shadows which we recently got to have a chat with them about and now they are giving us a look behind the song.

In the video, they explain how the song is “a gloomy but happy song.” The lyrics focus on the “negative things you experience in life, but not letting them affect you in any way.” They go on to explain that Shadows is a positive song as it’s about the choice to not let negative things get you. And that it’s a very upbeat song that keeps the message positive.

Recorded in a summer house, Shadows captures the carefree spirit the band first introduced over a decade ago. Anders SG tells: “When we meet there, it is just like standing in the old practice room back in our hometown again. Wildness, friendship and naturally something that involves a few beers. We have made most of our demos at the summer house and it is also here we ended up recording most of the new songs. I actually believe we have tracks on the way for two entire albums. Ha! But right now, we are just crazy excited to be back.”

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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