EXCLUSIVE: Alphabeat chat new music, new label with CelebMix

It’s been seven years since we last spoke to Alphabeat, and boy has the world changed.

Music lovers are no longer buying albums – they’re streaming music on Apple Music and Spotify, and spending more on merchandise and gig tickets than ever before.

Pop stars no longer need to set the charts alight to become household names – their brand and social media presence can do that on its own.

The Danish hit-makers, led by Stine Bramsen and Anders SG, are returning to an industry that’s very different from the one they left, with infectious new single Shadows.

They’re due to release an LP in the autumn under Warner Music and spend the rest of the year on tour.

In an exclusive interview, CelebMix caught with the band – perhaps best known for their hit single Fascination – to see what they’ve been up, and where they’re headed next…

Alphabeat! It’s been six years since your last album. Where’ve you been!?

In hiatus. As a band that is… Individually we’ve been quite busy with life and other dreams. Some have been writing songs, some have been recording videos and Stine B has done her solo thing with much success.

The music industry has changed so much with streaming, etc in the past few years. How are you navigating that? Are there any expectations?

We try to focus on doing our thing and staying true to that. We don’t wanna chase a current sound just to fit in, so we just make the kind of music we love. We’re very focused on hitting that unique energy that makes us Alphabeat and really put that into the songs. Our expectations are mainly that people out there can feel that it’s genuine and not forced or manufactured to fit into the streaming market.

Talk to us about the new single…

Shadows is Alphabeat. You can tell from the first beat and that’s probably because we wrote it and recorded it and all 6 of us put a little bit of magic into it. It’s got that live feel. Lyrically it’s a slight departure from our previous work. We basically wrote a song about fighting the dark days and choosing to get out of bed every day and face whatever is thrown at you. So overall, it’s a positive song.

With Shadows, you’ve managed to stay true that authentic Alphabeat style but bring your sound into 2019. How was that process?

We’ve had so much fun recording this track and we’ve been quite old school about it. We’ve collaborated with the Danish hit producer Emil Falk who really gets what Alphabeat is about, but also brought some fresh ideas to the table.

You have an album due in the autumn. What can we expect?

We are finishing an album that includes your typical Alphabeat vibe and full on energy, but also slower songs that tell a different story about us six. We’re even contemplating a ballad…but don’t tell anyone We are honestly quite proud of the new music and more in touch with what we are good at than ever before.

We’re obsessed with your other albums. What is your favorite Alphabeat song?

That’s a tough one! And it changes over time. For Stine, it’s probably What Is Happening and SG’s is the cheeky Boyfriend.

What other music do you enjoy listening to nowadays?

Everything from Bruno Mars to Mike Posner or Harry Styles – Kacey Musgraves, Miley Cyrus, Lilly Allen and of course our darling Lady Gaga. Ooh, and DNCE!

Any plans to tour?

Absolutely! We’re all about live music, and for now we have some big shows lined up in Denmark and hopefully, we’ll end up in the UK too.

You’ve moved to Warner Music – how is that?

Warner and us just kinda clicked. There are several genuine Alphabeat fans in the house and we could just feel how motivated they were to work with us. Sometimes a new chapter needs a few new people on board.

How much creative control do you have over your work?

We have as much control as we want! We brought new music to them and they liked and now we just use our AnR if we’d like some objective input on a new song or a new production. It’s perfect.

You have a huge, loyal following. What do you want to say to your fans?

Yeah, it feels that way, doesn’t it? We’re very grateful and so excited to see all the new comments on our social media – from all over the world really! Thanks to everyone who supported us in the past and we hope to see you all out there soon! We promise good stuff ahead…

Alphabeat’s new single Shadows is available everywhere now. Their LP will follow later in the year. Keep it CelebMix for all things Alphabeat…

Written by Jack