EXCLUSIVE: Analeigh Tipton talks new film ‘Better Start Running’

In ‘Better Start Running’, an unexpected series of events turns everyday store clerk Harley (Alex Sharp) into a wanted man, and even more unexpectedly, he finds himself on the run with the girl of his dreams (Analeigh Tipton). FBI Agent McFadden (Maria Bello) is determined to crush him and wants to teach her rookie partner (Karan Soni) how it’s done. But while the agents pursue their culprit, our hero has loftier pursuits. He kidnaps his Vietnam vet grandfather (Jeremy Irons) to reunite him with the love of his life, picks up a try-hard beatnik hitchhiker (Edi Gathegi) with a secret of his own, and against all common sense follows a roadside attractions map with a mysterious history.

We had the opportunity to chat with Analeigh Tipton about ‘Better Start Running’ and personal growth.

What can you tell us about your new movie ’Better Start Running’?
It’s a beautifully unique road trip story with wonderfully bizarre characters that is as humorous as it is heartwarming.

The film also stars Jeremy Irons. What was it like working with him and the rest of the cast?
It was just the best time working with Jeremy. He brought something special to the performance in each take which makes for an actors dream when performing opposite. I think we were able to add depth to the chemistry between the characters that isn’t necessarily vital to the story but enhances the overall richness of the journey. It takes someone like Jeremy Irons to help nurture those moments. And that can be said for the entire cast—we were fortunate enough to have an environment where character discovery was welcomed.

Still from ‘Better Start Running’

How is your role in this film different from the ones you’ve played before?
My character, Stephenie, is unabashedly child-like. It was very important to me that she had a background story that supported this perspective on the world. For me, what could be perceived as naivety, runs much deeper as a struggle with her own self-worth. This juxtaposition of a young woman in pain, coping in this way, was new territory for me. It was a personal struggle to not judge her at times and aimed to use my own judgement to fuel the comedic moments.

You competed on America’s Next Top Model over ten years ago – how have you evolved as an actress, and as a person, since then?
I don’t think there is enough time in one or a hundred interviews to answer this one. Over a decade of life changes anyone. Top model was a small, methodical facet of myself then, as this is now. On the acting front, I can say every job shifts the way I approach my own work as does every new experience in life. I hope for the better, but balancing the lessons in my personal life with that of my work requires constant, often uncomfortable, periods of growth. It does for everyone over time.

Still from ‘Better Start Running’

You have previously spoken about your love for working on “independent movies”. What is it about them that attracts you?
The family aspect, but you could say that about any type of set. Maybe I feel like if I personified an indie film, I could relate to what she goes through. Still figuring herself out, full of missteps, vulnerable to elements seen and unseen, and strengthened by the passion of those around her.

What other projects are you currently working on?
I’m developing projects I’m intensely excited about, working on music and writing and a few projects waiting to get their legs!

‘Better Start Running’ is out on VOD and in theaters now. 

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