EXCLUSIVE: Caitlyn Scarlett Presents Yung Pretender’s Remix of ‘Nightmares’

Emerging singer-songwriter, Caitlyn Scarlett, has released Yung Pretender’s remix of her latest single, ‘Nightmares’.

The self-taught pianist and guitarist has amassed over ten million Spotify streams, with the original version of, ‘Nightmares’, successfully hitting 250,000 streams.

The original version of, ‘Nightmares’

Being a natural outsider, Caitlyn uses music to exaggerate life with all its twists and turns.

When speaking about the original version of, ‘Nightmares’ – which features and was produced by Segal – she said:

“Nightmares was originally written for the theme song of BBC’s teenage drama ‘Clique’. It’s about the confusing and hectic time you go through being an almost-adult and figuring out who you’re going to be.”

The fast-rising talent that is, Yung Pretender, adds a powerful baseline to Caitlyn’s soaring vocals on his house-focused remix.

The remix is filled with a range of vibrant electro-synth hooks and it is set to become one of the biggest dance records for summer 2019.

The London-based producer rose to success after his break-through release, ‘Fenya’, and is destined to be one of 2019’s up-and-coming stars.

CelebMix got the chance to chat to Caitlyn Scarlett about her latest track remixed by Yung Pretender.

What’s your favourite thing about Yung Pretender’s remix?

I really like the weird spacing he’s chosen for the bass line. It’s like crescendos backwards and ‘wobs’ really heavily. It’s a dark and different take on the track that I really love. 

Who is the best person you have collaborated with? 

I’ve written with MNEK a fair bit over the last year and I always really enjoy those sessions, he’s extremely talented and also a cool dude to chill with. 

What was it like performing at The Biggest Weekend?

It was a big experience for me, my first festival ever! It gave me a taste of a love I’d love to be living full time; on the road, doing interesting things and performing for new crowds. 

Have you always been into music or did you have other aspirations? 

Yeah it’s always been music for me. I’m really passionate about some other things as well like fashion, history and film..but they’re like my mistresses and music is my wife! 

What inspires you to write? Are most of your tracks based on personal experiences? 

Life with all its twists and turns, and relationships between people just constantly inspire me. My brain puts a poetic filter over everything and makes my memories seem like scenes from a movie. I write a lot from personal experience, but I’ll often embellish things or channel them with exaggeration. 

After listening to, ‘Happy When’ and, ‘Nightmares’, it’s safe to say you have a beautifully unique sound. What genre of music would you say best fits you? 

Thank you so much, individuality means a lot to me. I would say ‘alternative pop’ is probably the best label. 

You have a quirky style and great fashion sense, if you were to pick and outfit that describes your sound, what would it be? 

Hmmm, a massive chunky pair of combat boots with a long vintage military jacket and a loose-fitting feminine dress underneath. Lots of chunky metals, no jewels. So basically, how I dress haha, a mix of male/female and hard/soft.

If you were to collaborate with anybody right now, who would you choose? 

James Blake, because he’s a bloody genius and I’ve always wanted to. His new album has reignited the obsession. 

What can we expect from your headline show on 25th April? 

A good time! New material, an opportunity to hear the well-known stuff live in person, 2 very lovely looking lads who are my band, and a crowd full of the coolest music-lovers. 

We see a massive future for you, but what are your hopes for the future? 

I hope I can continue reaching new people and exploring the infinite realms of music and possibility. I’d really like to start amping up the world domination scheme, playing more shows and releasing regularly. Coming out of my shell I guess.

Check out Yung Pretender’s remix of, ‘Nightmares’ now!

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