EXCLUSIVE: Carly Pearce Talks New Single ‘Closer To You’, UK Debut, and More

Carly Pearce was the major Country Music breakout star of 2017. With the release of her debut album ‘Every Little Thing‘ she enchanted fans around the globe and 2018 has ended on a high for the singer with her new single ‘Closer To You’ becoming a major hit and next year she will co-headline a US tour with Russell Dickerson, and will also make her much anticipated UK debut at the C2C (Country to Country) Festival in March 2019.

Here we speak exclusively to Carly Pearce about her new single, C2C debut, road to success, and much more:

Hey Carly, your new single Closer To You is out now and we’re loving it, how excited have you been by the response so far?

It has been so amazing to see fans responding so positive to my new song! Of course as you’re working on new music, you always are a little nervous wondering “will they like it?” So I was very excited at the reaction so far with “Closer To You.” 

The track comes almost one year to the day since your breakthrough release ‘Every Little Thing’, what have the last twelve months been like for you?

Oh my gosh, it’s so hard to even put into words. I am living my true dream land. Country fans have given me the year of a life time that I don’t think even I could’ve dreamt would be this good.

While ‘Every Little Thing’ was a break up anthem for women everywhere, ‘Closer To You’ is a 90s inspired love song, has finding new love been a major inspiration in your new music? Oh, of course! I’ve always been an artist who is extremely transparent when it comes to writing and recording songs about my life. I want fans to be on this evolution with me, and finding love is a big part of that.

Speaking of love, you are dating Michael Ray, and you’re the hottest couple in Country so can we expect to see you two releasing a collaboration soon?

It’s certainly possible! ;)

‘Closer To You’ is the first taste of your new album, is this the vibe what we can expect from the whole record?

I think you’re going to hear all kinds of songs. There will definitely be love songs, break up songs, confessions, apologies, anthems… I think it will be a bit of an evolution sonically but will still have the key elements that make Carly Pearce, just like the dobro in “Closer To You.” 

To many it may seem you have been an overnight success but we know it’s been a long journey to where you are today, can you tell us a little about your route into music?

OH MY- ha! I convinced my parents to let me quit high school and homeschool when I was 16 years old because I saw an audition to sing in the country show at Dollywood. January will mark 10 years since I moved to Nashville. I’ve had just about every door you could have slam straight in my face. I cleaned AirBnBs, nannied and was a backup singer. I’ve done it all because I KNEW this was my destiny.

With your new album do you feel any pressure to follow the success of your debut ‘Every Little Thing’, or are you just excited to get it out there?

Of course there’s pressure, because of how well my first one did. However, I’m going into it with the same mindset that if I make sure the music is great and authentic to me and this part of my story, I will win.

With your new LP, can you tell us a little about the writing process was like for the project? This process has been slightly different than my first record. I have been touring nonstop, so I’ve had to find pockets of time to either write on the road or at home when I’m there, which is never ha! I think it’s been a super inspiring time because of the evolution that’s happening in my career and in my personal life.

Is there one song on the new album that you’re most looking forward to sharing?

Oh gosh, so many! I think there’s one that’ll be on it called “Halfway Home” that is almost uncomfortably honest for me.

Sonically you’re bringing 90s Country back, was that a conscious decision or did happen naturally in the studio?

I think both. It was intentional because that’s the music I grew up on and the kind of artist I want to be. There’s no denying or mistaking that.

Looking ahead to next year, you will be making your UK debut at C2C, how excited are you to coming to Britain?

I have heard how incredible the fans are in the UK., so I am SO excited to finally come!

What are you expecting from the British crowds?

I hear they’re very energetic and will know all the words, so of course I’m excited for that!

What can fans expect from your set?

I will take you on a true rollercoaster ride. By the end, you’ll share in my stories, dance a lot, have emotional moments, and ultimately know my heart and who I am.

Do you have any plans to add UK dates to any upcoming tour in support of your new LP?

I would absolutely love to. C2C is just the beginning!

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

I will never be able to put into words what you’ve done for me. I promise to always give you 110% and will never take this dream for granted. I love y’all so much!

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