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EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with Bianca Ryan

Jog your memory back to 2006, when America’s Got Talent made its TV debut. During the search for America’s best talent, the judges and audiences alike were blown away by a phenomenal singer called Bianca Ryan. Not only was Bianca an incredible talent, hitting every note with ease, but the young star was a mere 11 years old at the time. Ultimately, she won the show and became a child superstar overnight.

Since then, Bianca has been on the ultimate rollercoaster ride. After being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age, she had to quickly adapt to her surroundings. However, over ten years later, Bianca’s career is still going strong and she is sounding better than ever. Having set up her own label a few years ago, Bianca is now a fully fledged independent artist, with the freedom to release music which truly represents her as a person.

Whilst there’s been ups, as with every journey there’s been a few downs too. Most recently, Bianca had to undergo surgery on her vocal cords last year which could have potentially ended her career. Instead of basking in negative, Bianca switched her attention to other areas of music, including songwriting and guitar/piano playing, in order to positively channel her creativity elsewhere. This, as well as other experiences throughout Bianca’s already lengthy career, has helped to shape her current sound.

Bianca recently released ‘One Day’, the first single to be taken from her forthcoming EP which is due to drop in July. ‘One Day’ weaves together Bianca’s story so far, and is an inspirational anthem which will resonate with anyone who’s been told that they can’t achieve something. With a new found positivity and strength, it’s all systems go for Bianca Ryan – you most definitely haven’t heard the best of her yet.

We recently caught up with Bianca to chat all about her new era of music, how experiencing fame at a young age shaped her as a person, being an independent artist and much more.

bianca ryan

Hey Bianca, thanks for speaking to us today! How has 2017 been treating you so far?

Thank you so much for chatting with me! I love CelebMix! Well January started off rocky, LOL, but after recovery I was 100% ready to take on the year with a new attitude and new music! Whoa…to see the progress from last year and even from January to now, I just feel so lucky. I’m so humbled and honored to be able to share music with everyone again. I’ve got my new EP all ready to go and I’m wearing my most positive attitude this year! Watch out 2017!

Your first independently released EP is due in July. Can you tell us more about it and the inspiration behind it?

This first EP of the year (Part 1) titled “The Re-Introduction” is the first part of my two part series of musical projects this year. “The Re-Introduction” is a way for me to re-introduce myself to the public and to my fans without straying too far away from who I used to be! This is music that I’ve written and re-worked over the last few years in finding myself that I was just never able to put out. However, I’ve written about 100 songs now, and these are just the FIRST few you’ll be hearing from me this year! I want to slowly introduce my old fans into my new style and remind them that I’m still the same person and artist that they knew before. You will see my music progress and mature with every song I put out which I find compelling. It’ll mature and grow with myself and my fans.

We know you’ll be proud of the EP in its entirety, but is there one song in particular which has a special place in your heart?

I would definitely say my first single that released titled, ‘One Day’ has a very special place in my heart. It’s kind of like my breaking out story of what I went through in a light hearted melody. It’s about how I beat the negativity around me to pursue my dream. I’m now getting back out there and putting music out!

We love the lead single, ‘One Day’, which was inspired by the rollercoaster journey you’ve been on over the past ten years. What was the creative process like on the song?

It started with me writing the chorus. I was overcoming some negativity in my life at the moment and I wanted everyone to have the strength to not let anybody get you down. So I wrote, “Don’t let them tell you why, don’t let them see you cry, don’t let them hold you down, cause you’re the only one who’s getting out.” I wanted this to be a chant that everyone could run to their headphones and play when they were feeling down to bring them back up! After that I penned in the verses with my own personal story. It all just kinda came together perfectly in the end! A lot of my friends have been sending me Snapchat and Instagram videos of them in the car jamming out to it! They say it gives them their motivation!

You first garnered fame after winning the first series of America’s Got Talent. We can’t imagine how tough it must have been at 11 years old! How has the experience shaped you as a person?

It’s completely changed my life. Even to this day. Being able to still perform and create music 10 years later is a blessing. I’ve been able to see so much of the world that I never would have been able to without music and winning America’s Got Talent when I was younger. It’s shaped me as a person in the sense of how much knowledge I’ve gained throughout the last 10 years and it’s definitely grounded me. It’s helped my work ethic – I’ve been working a full time job since I was 11!

Would you recommend the talent show process to others, and if so, what advice would you give to someone considering that route?

Go for it! It can’t hurt! The worst that could happen is that you get more experience with the audition process of things! And if something does pull through, then you’ve gained a ton of exposure for yourself! LOL Just remember to be yourself from the beginning and know who you really want to be and push for it! Don’t let anyone change you!

Over ten years on, you’re now an independent artist with full control of your music. How does it feel to have the freedom to do what you want as an artist?

It feels really good to do everything through my own label! I opened up my own label a few years ago. Although lately, it’s been getting a little harder. I run everything myself so with the new music releases it’s been hard to keep up! I’m thinking about maybe making a few changes this year so I can do more creative work and less administrative work. Maybe an indie label..? I’m not totally sure yet!

Last year, you had vocal cord surgery. How did the whole experience affect you?

It was some of the worst news I had ever heard in my life. I went to the doctor for a check up/sore throat and ended up hearing terrible news about a ton of blood vessels showing up on my vocal cords. He said it was just bad luck. I cried for a while… Then I realized that I had to be strong and I had to realize that I could do other things than sing if things didn’t work out. I really took up music production during the months that I was in recovery. I started taking piano lessons and guitar lessons and trying to keep my creative mind busy. I knew I couldn’t just sit in bed all day!

You’ve had some incredible experiences  – what’s been your career highlight so far?

Wow there have been so many highlights, it’s so hard to just choose one! I would say the highlight would be working with Quincy Jones and his team of people. He was such an inspiration. He’s a legend. And with that being said, he’s been the most influential person in our history of music. Yet he is the most humble person you will ever meet. Working with him was incredible. I learned so much. I let him hear the new EP and he loves it! He said, “My beloved Sweetheart Bianca! Don’t stop til’ ya get enough!” He’s the best!

In addition to music, you’ve also dabbled in acting. Is this something you’d like to pursue in the future?

Acting is always something I have been on the sidelines about. I wasn’t always the best at it but over the years I’ve learned what it truly means to step outside of yourself. I would love to try it more now that I feel I’ve matured and grown an understanding for it. I’ve always loved acting. Theater, Shows, Movies, Music Videos. It’s definitely a passion and I would love to make more time for it this year!

What does the rest of 2017 have in store for Bianca Ryan?

A LOT! WOOHOO! I’ve got this first EP (Part 1) coming out in July and then my second EP (PART 2) coming out later this year! I will be performing at the 4th of July Parade in Philly which is very exciting and ton more shows to add to the roster once all of these songs are out! I’m just so excited for everyone to hear this new music that I spent so much time on. It’s kind of like my FIRST EP to be honest!

Thank you so much to the wonderfully talent Bianca Ryan for her time!

‘One Day’ is available now, and look out for her EP coming soon. Keep up to date with Bianca on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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