EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with MÖWE

MÖWE, made up of Melanie Ebietoma and Clemens Martinuzzi, are the Viennese duo that you definitely need on your musical radar.

The pair began their musical journey together back in 2013 and have grown from strength to strength ever since. Their unique fusion of deep and tropical house, pop and electronic music has garnered millions of streams across various platforms.

Their debut single ‘Blauer Tag’ well and truly put them on the map, after securing a remix from Robin Schulz. Since then, they have dropped a string of incredible releases, including debut album Back For The Summer. Additionally, they have worked with the likes of NERVO, John Dahlbäck and Moby on various remixes. Along the way they have garnered a strong fanbase after putting on powerful performances across the globe.

Now,  MÖWE are back with their infectious new single ‘One Love’, which is guaranteed to add to the duo’s success. We recently had the chance to ask MÖWE about ‘One Love’, their creative process, Vienna’s influence on their music and more.

Congratulations on the release of your new single ‘One Love’ – it’s a favourite of ours here at CelebMix. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

First of all thank you! The inspiration came with the topline itself. When we first heard it we just loved it cause it seems so suitable in times like these. Our world is really confusing at the moment with a lot ugly events going on and we thought why not remind at least our fans that the message should always be ONE LOVE cause we are all humans.

Can you talk us through a little about how you would go about creating a piece of music?

Most of the time we start with a topline and then try different keys until we find the key which fits the topline in our opinion the most. After that we are trying out different chords and also start to make a few percussion, and most of the time by then the song already starts to shape and also our vision for the song gets clearer. Then we start adding drums and then the bass and some pads, vocal cuts (if needed) and finding a lead melody for the chorus. That’s it.

You released your debut album Back In The Summer last year. Will ‘One Love’ form part of your second album?

No we dont think so. We had our album experience and it was good but it’s also a lot of hard work and for the most it is time. But nonetheless ONE LOVE will be part of a series of releases and each one will be unique and fresh.

You both come from an indie rock background, so how did your electronic sound come about?

We were always experimenting with electronic elements in our former band so the interest was already there but we would have never thought that we would go in the direction where we are now. We just always wanted to experience new musical horizons and so we tried to find our own style which later was called deep house.

Coming from Vienna, what is the electronic music scene like there? Has Vienna influenced you musically over the years?

Our music scene is pretty small but we have a lot of talented people but it’s hard to start a music career in Austria since there is not that much support for newcomer artists. Of course Vienna did influence us. We formed our first bands here, we danced at Donauinselfest, we went to legendary flex club, we grew up here so how can it not have influenced us?

Who would you say are your current musical inspirations?

It’s hard to say because we are constantly listening to new music across all genres and sometimes we hear a rhythm or a sound which really inspires us.

You’ve worked with some great names on tracks and remixes. Who’s next on your collaboration wish list?

We would really love to collaborate with Kygo because he’s kind of a pioneer and a very impressive pianist. Also we think our styles combined could really make for some sick tracks.

We love your recent remix of Anne-Marie’s ‘Heavy’. How do you choose which songs you’re going to remix?

We got the chance to make an official remix for Anne Marie’s Heavy and we really love her sound so there were no doubt that we are going to take the chance and make her a killer remix.

You’ve spent a lot of time on the road, performing worldwide. What has been your favourite gig this year?

That’s hard to say – every show has its own magic. But we really enjoyed playing for Vienna’s Gay Pride in front of 60.000 people. That was an amazing show and we also enjoyed Bali. The Island is pure fun.

You’ve come a long way since your debut ‘Blauer Tag’ – what has been your career highlight so far?

There where so many highlights in our career but to name a few then it would be signing our very first track to Oliver Koletzkis label stil vor talent, playing Ushuaia twice and Amnesia, playing at Shambala Festival in Canada, getting the chance to sign with Armin van Burrens label Armada, and so on…

What do you hope people will take away from your music?

We just want people to have a really good time and make awesome memories with their friends and loved ones and it would be great if our music could be the soundtrack to their lives.

What can we expect from MÖWE during 2018?

You can expect a lot of killer releases, collaborations and shows.

Thank you to MÖWE for their time. ‘One Love’ is out now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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