Exclusive: CelebMix interacts with Ron J. Rock about his role in “Den of Thieves”, life as a theatre artist and much more

Ron J. Rock might be a newcomer to the film industry but he is no novice when it comes to acting. The actor started his journey as a theatre artist when he was in 3rd grade and since then, has worked on improving his skills. Movie buffs will get a chance to see Rock’s talent on screen.

The actor appears alongside Gerard Butler and 50 Cent in “Den of Thieves”, a movie that was released just a few days ago. The film follows an elite unit from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as it squares off against a crew of successful thieves who plan a seemingly impossible heist –  the city’s Federal Reserve Bank. Rock stars as “Junior”, an innocent banker who finds himself in the middle of the heist amongst thieves.

CelebMix in its interview with the star talked about his experience of working in the movie and alongside Butler and 50 Cent. Rock also talked about his upcoming project “Lucifer”, a theatrical project that will unfold in the year 2019. Check out the complete interview below:

Please tell us a bit about yourself. How did your journey as an actor begin and how has it been so far?

I’m Ron Rock, from New York and New Jersey. I would definitely say I’m the entrepreneur out of my 6 siblings  Acting is an art that I found myself becoming attached to very early on in 3rd grade. It’s a way to put myself in different perspectives and understand how I would react to different situations. It’s been nothing but lovely so far, and I am excited to see what the future brings.

As an artist, how do you perceive art?

I perceive art as a way for people to let out their inner uniqueness. There’s something special in each one of us that we can bring to the world,  that ONLY we can bring to the world. It’s our job to let that flourish.

We read that you have always been an entertainer and an admirer of the art of acting. So, what really motivated you to become an actor?

I started acting in third grade in a school play based on Rosa Parks, which made the local newspaper. That was definitely inspiring. However, it was when I started my first business in 4th grade called “3 brothers snow removal,” that I found myself acting like a Professional. People would take me seriously and hire me for the job.  You realize to navigate through life it’s all about how people perceive you. That’s acting.

Congratulations for “Den of Thieves”! Please tell our readers a bit about the movie and your role in it.

This is definitely THE action film of our generation. It’s going to have you at the edge of your seat the whole time. There is a lot of energy and testosterone in this movie. I play the role of “Junior” who is an innocent banker who found himself in the middle of a heist.

Did you face any challenge while playing the role of “Junior”? How did you prepare yourself for it?

It wasn’t very challenging for me to play a good guy and count lots of money. It was fun actually. I prepared mentally in my trailer of what it would be like to be surprised something has gone wrong, or what I would do if I were in that situation. I guess the biggest challenge was counting all that money and knowing it will never be mine!

How was your experience of working alongside Gerard Butler and 50 Cent? Any memorable moment you’d like to share with our readers?

Working with them was very inspiring. I’ve watched their work for years and never thought I’d be working with them. Both 50 and Gerard were very nice on set. Gerard came to me to say hello and introduce himself since we had neighboring trailers. And 50 spoke to me about his life growing up and his different hustles. He said he is always interested in new hustles and intrigued about my nightlife business.

Ron, you have been an active participant in theatre. What aspect of theatre do you like the most?

I’ve done the most theater since I was in the 3rd grade, through my senior year of high school. I love the practice and preparation of theater the most because there’s no editing room. You go out and perform in front of hundreds of people and it just is what it is. The pressure is that much greater and to achieve reality on stage and not mess up with all of those people looking at you. You just know there’s no room for mistakes.

Being a theatre artist, you might have played a lot of roles in plays. Which role or character has been the absolute favorite that you really enjoyed playing?

I really enjoyed playing one of the gang members in West Side Story. It was aggressive and intense on stage and our outfits made me laugh every time I wore them. My castmates and I became very close to each other both on and off the stage.

We would love to know a bit about Lucifer. The title is quite intriguing. While the musical is set to release next year, would you like to share some details about the project with our readers?

It’s an exciting project since it’s my first theatrical production! Lucifer is a musical that tells the story of the Bible through the Devil’s eyes, which is an interesting twist. It’s a comedy that clarifies the beginning of the world

Acting seems to be just one aspect of your life. How do you manage your business and acting projects?

Acting for film and television is plan A  for me. Business is fun for me and a ‘Plan B’ to make my plan A work.

The year just started. Would you like to share with us your plans for 2018?

I’m in the works on developing a project with some great people that will reach out to our millennial generation and shed light on many circumstances we face in our day to day lives.

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