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EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with Travelers star Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore is an accomplished actor with an incredibly impressive resume. Perhaps best recognised for his role as Dale Volker in SGU Stargate Universe, Patrick has also starred in projects including The Killing, Arrow, Smallville, and The Cabin in the Woods.

You will currently find Patrick portraying David Mailer in the Netflix original series Travelers, which launches its second season on December 26. Additionally, he plays recurring character Shaun in You, Me, Her, which is slated for a third season in 2018.

Alongside his acting, Patrick is a man of many talents. From singing to photography to even becoming a licensed pilot, there is certainly no stopping him.

Taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions, we recently asked Patrick about what we can expect from season two of Travelers, his love of sci-fi, obtaining his pilot’s license and more.


patrick gilmore
credit: Karolina Turek

Travelers is returning for its second season in a week’s time – what can we expect from the show and David this time round?

Now that we’ve established the characters and the premise, Season 2 of “Travelers” goes deeper and darker. I liken it to “The Empire Strikes Back.” When you’re done with Season 2 you’ll somehow love these characters even more and wonder “How the hell are they gonna get out of this one?!”

We hear the role was actually written for you – how did this impact on the way that you’ve brought the character to life on screen?

Knowing that Brad Wright had me in mind when writing David gave me the freedom to immediately relax into the role from the start. It’s a rare gift that Brad gave me. I’m a lucky man to have him in my corner.

You also star in You Me Her, which is slated to return for a third season next year. How have you found your experience on the show so far?

“You Me Her” has been such a treat. I briefly showed up in the first 2 seasons, but for Season 3 I got to hang around for every episode. So fun! Shaun, the character I play, is a ditzy hipster bartender who loves to stick his nose in other peoples business, and in the third season he really gets involved in the drama. I’m excited for people to see this.

Lots of people will recognise you for your role in the Stargate series. What did you enjoy the most during your time on the show?

Aside from all the friends I met on the show, I took advantage of the two seasons by exploring the jobs of everyone on the crew. I remember bringing my parents to set and showing them around the different departments. Their biggest take away was the sheer number of people that worked on the show. It takes a village, and their talent humbles me.

Your resume is extremely extensive – can you pinpoint a few personal highlights from over the years?

I have a soft spot for my role as Tom Drexler on ‘The Killing’. Tom was a coked up billionaire with questionable morals. So…how could that not be fun. I once played the role of “Drunk Karaoke Singer” in a TV movie. It may be my favorite character credit.

patrick gilmore
credit: Karolina Turek

Sci-fi is a genre that you’ve featured in a lot over the years – what is it about sci-fi that you love so much?

The fans. No other genre has the kind of dedication and love that sci-fi fans show.

What kind of role would you like to take on next? Is there a particular type of genre/character you’ve yet to explore that you’d like to tackle?

As long as I’m having fun and learning I’d play anything. I like roles that push my comfort zone. My personal rule is “If it scares me it’s worth doing.”

You’ve done a lot of theatre work in the past – how does that compare to acting in films/TV shows?

I fell in love with acting through theater. I wish I had spent more time learning on the stage before jumping to film, but I needed to pay the bills. Theater is a vast playground to immerse yourself in the art. Not that you can’t do that in film, but acting in front of the camera is a more technical process.

Outside of your acting, you’re an accomplished opera singer and avid photographer. How much time do you get to fit in these activities?

Ha. I haven’t sung in years. Music was my first creative love. I sang in choirs, in a band and studied singing while competing in music festivals. Photography is a casual pastime that all depends if I have room to pack my gear. I don’t post my photography, but plan to at some point, when I feel it’s good enough!

We also hear you’ve almost got your pilot’s license! Has it always been something you wanted to achieve?

My Dad, Tom Gilmore, is a pilot. My earliest memories involve traveling in small planes, so I always just assumed I’d fly one day too. It’s in my blood and I wish I had started much earlier. Being alone in a plane is meditative. Your senses are honed and I’m always disappointed when I have to land.

What else do you have in store for 2018?

If I’m lucky, a lot of work and very little sleep.

Thank you to Patrick Gilmore for his time. Season 2 of Travelers starts streaming on Netflix December 26th.

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