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Exclusive: Cheryl Texiera talks Girl Meets World

Cheryl Texiera is best known for playing Maya Hart’s mommy, Katy Hart, on “Girl Meets World”. Not only is she a great actress, but also a writer, dancer, and web-star! We had the total pleasure of chatting with Cheryl on it all.

Tell us about your web series “Confessions of a Bartender”.
Confessions of a Bartender is the 3rd installment of my sketch/variety show: Confessions of… The Series on YouTube.

It’s a fun, fast-paced web series that takes you behind the bar and inside the mind of being a bartender!

Each episode is 2-5 minutes long. All of the scenarios have actually happened. The characters are silly, crazy, drunk and ridiculous – and if you like to laugh, you’ll love it!
(The two previous installments are Confessions of a Bride-to-Be and Confessions of a Bitter(sweet) Actress.)

You ask for real stories from bartenders for the series. We can just image the drunken hysterics! Is there a favorite story you have?
Oh man. There are too many! The one that jumped out at me immediately though was when a customer flipped out because his ‘regular’ bartender had taken the night off – and he was stuck with me. This guy was absolutely belligerent and just really thought I was incompetent. I, on the other hand, found it to be hilarious. So I wrote a whole episode dedicated to it called “Where the Bleep is Billy!?”. It was just so much fun.

Can you tell us about Bachelorette Weekend?
I can’t say much – but it’s the first full-length screenplay I co-wrote with my good friend and writing partner, Cassie Daniels. It’s a dark comedy about five girls who go away for a Bachelorette Weekend and accidentally kill a stripper. It’s in pre-production right now, still looking for a bit of funding, but we’re hoping to shoot early next year.

What is your dancing future looking like? You made it to the top 25 Females on So You Think You Can Dance!
It’s crazy how things come full circle. I took a little time off from dance the past few years, but have recently started taking hip hop classes in Hollywood with a great teacher. I’m also trying my hand at modern dance too. That’s kind of a nightmare at the moment, but we’ll see.

How do you feel the dynamic of Girl Meets World would change if your character Katy, and Shawn Hunter got married?
Hypothetically speaking, I think Katy would probably feel a bit more sure of herself in certain areas of her life. I mean, marrying someone is a huge game-changer. I think Maya would feel very differently and probably be a bit – or a lot – more hopeful towards the future if that were to happen.

Do you see any parallels to yourself in your character since she’s an aspiring actress?
Haha! Sorry, I have to laugh. Sometimes I see too many parallels. I think what Katy and I have in common the most is that the people we love come first and foremost in our lives. Even during Season One, when Katy really wasn’t there for Maya as much as she would have liked – it wasn’t out of selfish impulses. It was because Katy was honestly doing what she felt was the best thing for her daughter. She may have fallen short a bit in doing it, but the intention was always coming from a good place. Also, I share her optimism. I think Katy is an utter optimist. Or maybe that’s just the way I play her – But I think she’s able to see a silver lining in everything.

If you were Maya’s mother in real life, who would you want her to be in a relationship with? A lot of fans are tied with Lucas, Uncle Josh and even the possibility of a same-sex relationship with Riley.
Oh boy. I’m pleading the fifth on this one. I cannot get tangled up in these ships.

Any secrets from the set you can spill to us?
Everyone is freaking rad and it’s truly one of the nicest groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

Tune in to Disney Channel, every Friday at 8pm to see Cheryl in action on “Girl Meets World”.

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