EXCLUSIVE: Club Drive Talk New Single ‘WDYD’

Fast rising trio Club Drive are back with their brand new single ‘WDYD’. It’s an infectious piece of guitar pop, laden with glistening hooks and polished production making it a sure-fire Summer hit.

Here we speak exclusively to Club Drive to discuss all things ‘WDYD’:

Can you talk us through the inspiration behind your new single ‘ WDYD’?

So “WDYD” came at a real turning point during the writing process of our latest record and the song itself was a stand out moment for us that we were finally writing something we were completely into. The premise of the song, cheesy as it sounds, is to not give up. The most part of being in a band is going through the highs and lows.. the surges forward and the set backs, and at times it can be really easy to lose your way or. Ultimately for us, this song is about staying true to what Club Drive stands for and writing music for the love of it. The same can be transferred to everyone’s every day life I guess, but the underlying message is that good or bad.. always be yourself.. anything worth having doesn’t come easy so don’t give up trying for it. 

What do you hope fans take from the track?

Ultimately we just hope people enjoy the track. We write the music we love writing and it always means a lot to see other people getting into it and sharing it around. If anyone can take anything more than that or relates to it on any other level.. then that’s always great for us to see!

You have also released the official lyric video for the track, how important do you feel visuals are to the success of a single?

Good Question. In the age of social media, personally we think it’s really important. We’re a generation of scrollers and people look before they listen now.. so hopefully the lyric video will entice a few extra people to give the track a listen too!

Can we also expect an album from you soon?

Ahh now that would be telling too much too soon! But what we can say is we’ve been busy in the studio for several months now, working on a LOT of new music. How that will all come together as a single body of work is yet to be completely finalised, but what we do know is we’re very excited to share lots more new music with people and we’re really happy with the new material we have on the way.

Looking ahead, are there any touring plans lined up?

Absolutely. We’ve always made a big deal about how much we love touring and playing as many shows as we can. I think Club Drive really makes more sense when you see it live too.. so watch this space as we’ll have plenty more shows on the way!

What are your long term career goals?

This is always a difficult question as I think our goals are constantly changing as we progress. I think right now if we were to talk short term, it would be for this first single to attain some success, be it in the form of Spotify really getting behind us, radio giving it a few spins or even just for people to really get into the new sound through this song. Long term we have so much we would love to achieve, so many artists we would love to support and perform alongside, certain venues across the world we would love to play, to have a chance to get into the live lounge at Radio 1 and even aiming high to perform at Glastonbury! So let’s see where this goes…

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