Derek Theler

EXCLUSIVE: Derek Theler on Gifts, Puppies, Holidays and Sunglass Cat!

Derek Theler is known for his role as Danny Wheeler on the hit tv show,  Baby Daddy. Along with his acting career, Theler is passionate about animals and making sure that they are given the care and love that they’re needed. Theler has partnered with PetCo this holiday season to give us all the tips & tricks on how we can involve our pets in the celebrations!

CelebMix: Let’s start by telling us about the friends you have joining you this morning.

Derek Theler: I’m actually staying at the Estancia La Jolla in San Diego, and I was fortunate enough because this is a pet-friendly hotel to bring my own dog Neptune, we also have Sunglass cat joining us.

CelebMix: Derek, our pets are important pieces of the family puzzle. How can we make their holiday season special and make memories for us at the same time?

Derek Theler: We think about the holiday and we think about our friends and loved ones and family, we want to make sure you don’t forget your pets. We want to get them in on the festivities, have something under the tree whether its treats, a new toy, getting them groomed to look their best, PetCo has it covered.

CelebMix: How can pet lovers give back to pets in need this holiday season?

Derek Theler: PetCo makes it really easy to give to pets in need, one way is that you can donate at the store. They will have bins physically placed throughout the store for things like cat litter, foods, treats or toys and that will go directly to a local animal shelter. PetCo will also have SANTA at every location on December 15th to take photos with your pets and all of the proceeds from those photos will also go to a local animal shelter.

CelebMix: What steps should we take to make sure our pets are safe and happy during the holidays?

Derek Theler: Some important things to keep in mind when you’re decorating your house is your pets because we don’t want them in harm. Glass ornaments, tinsels from trees can be harmful, plants like poinsettias and mistletoe can be toxic when injected. Foods that we eat like turkey skin, onions and grapes are very harmful for your pets and more of the well-known items like chocolate and candy is toxic to our pets when ingested.

CelebMix: What are some of the best trending items for pets and pet lovers this holiday season?

Derek Theler: We got all the new products from Petco, we’ve got Reddy, an amazing leash company that is known for its stylish collars, leashes and jackets for dogs. Pupbox is a holiday gift idea delivered right to your door, the box is filled with toys, treats and more for your pup to enjoy. We got Puppies Make Me Happy, a clothing brand that has items for owners and their pets. We got you covered if you need a gift.

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Written by CelebMix