Exclusive: Duncan James on keeping your pet calm with Pet Sounds this bonfire weekend

Duncan James has teamed up with  Burns Pet Nutrition to create “Pet Sounds”, music that will help to keep your pets calm instead of being terrified by the sight and sound of fireworks.

As a dog lover, the campaign with Burns Pet Nutrition is something Duncan is hugely passionate about.

As someone who has grown up around pets, there is nothing worse than seeing your dog tremble and cower in fear because of the noise made for fireworks. It’s distressing for your pet and as an owner, as you try to comfort them it’s why when Burns Pet Nutrition approached me with the idea of Pet Sounds, I knew had to get involved. Especially as fireworks are more widely available and don’t just go off for one night.”

Pet Sounds with the help of Duncan have curated music specially designed to help keep dogs calm when the rockets and roman candles are going off via a dedicated 6 hour-long YouTube video.

The bespoke YouTube video and playlist will contain soothing music as well as offer top tips on how to keep dogs safe and calm on bonfire night.

Many pet owners sadly forget about their pets and will go out and enjoy themselves at a firework display, leaving their pets at home alone, who are scared of the noises the fireworks make. I think it’s really important that owners enjoy themselves but are responsible and remember their pets too. This could be done really easily by leaving the Pet Sounds playlist on or having the TV or music on. As much as humans, pets can be comforted by certain things. Like for me I enjoy classical music. it always makes me feel calm.”

Duncan who has grown up with pets all his life is no stranger to seeing how fireworks can affect them. His dog Lulah who he shares with his Mum, is petrified of them.

“She’s 11 now so she’s a lot older, and it’s really scary to see her, as she shakes, her heart races when she hears them she tries to cower and hide. My heart breaks whenever I see her like this, so I try to keep her as close to me as possible, try keep her calm and give her lots of cuddles.”

 Duncan James has teamed up with Burns Pet Nutrition to launch a new music playlist of soothing songs to keep dogs calm on bonfire night. For more information visit www.burnspet.co.uk/petsounds

Written by Kelly McFarland

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