Emmy Meli
Emmy Meli

EXCLUSIVE: Emmy Meli Chats About “I AM WOMAN”

Emmy Meli caught the attention of millions this year with her self-love anthem “I AM WOMAN.” The track quickly took off on TikTok with over 415,000 videos created on the platform using it as a sound. And currently, videos are still being created by women all over the world showing their support for the song and its message, including celebrities such as Selma BlairAshley Graham and Bishop Briggs. Fans are desperate for more music from the “Wanting More” singer, making it clear that this is only the beginning of her career. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Emmy Meli opens up about “I AM WOMAN,” dream collaborations and more.

Your new self-love anthem “I AM WOMAN” has gone viral on TikTok! What was it like to see that track become so popular and now loved by millions?

It was quite literally the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen…mostly because I got to witness millions of women being inspired to love themselves. 

Celebrities like Selma Blair and Bishop Briggs have used your song to create videos! What has been another highlight of this track’s success for you?

A highlight of this tracks success was getting to see everybody share their favorite things about themselves while resonating with something that I wrote. The body positivity videos were so beautiful, along with the sports, art, and overall bada** women showing themselves off!

What originally inspired you to create “I AM WOMAN” and what do you hope listeners have taken away from it?

The idea came to me in a dream, and originated as just a few mantras I said to myself every day. I picked my favorite unique things that I have and appreciate, and repeated them throughout my day. One day I simply put them to music and the rest is history! 

Female empowerment is a very important message to tackle as an artist. What other topics or messages do you hold close to your heart that listeners may hear songs about in the future?

My new tracks touch on existentialism, spirituality, emotional trauma, not getting lost in social media…and there’s a track on my EP that touches on the homelessness I’ve witnessed while living in LA. 

Who did you look up to as an aspiring artist and who do you dream of working with in the music industry?

I look up to many people in the industry, one of them being Lady Gaga. It would be a dream to work with her, she’s an amazing and incredibly inspiring woman. 

Where can fans of your music connect with you on social media? What is your favorite social platform?

They can connect with me on any platform! I’m not the hugest fan of social media, but I’d say my favorite platform is Twitter cause it’s stupid and I can just say whatever pops in my brain randomly.

What are your goals for 2022? 

My goals for 2022 are to release my EP, collaborate with some of my favorite artists, go on tour… and to keep grinding and putting out better music!

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Written by Alessandra

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