We have another exclusive for you, however, this time it is a clip from a brand new film. VS. was released today, 19 October 2018, to cinemas nationwide in the UK and Ireland, and we’re honoured to present this clip to our readers, as we can safely say that this is a British film that touched our hearts and allowed us to see rap in a more positive light.

VS. is a brand new film focusing on the underground world of battle-rap. We follow Adam, also known as Adversary (played by breakout lead Connor Swindells), as he stumbles upon an underground rap battle. He finds out he has a natural ability to rap and starts to take part. The film features emerging musical talent, as well as two of the UK’s biggest battle-rappers, Shotty Horroh and Paigey Cakey – who play Slaughter and Miss Quotes, respectively. It’s not all about rap though, the storyline has various themes included from gender to sexuality to the foster care system; making this a heart-warming story.

The film is being released by Altitude Films, the independent film studio that brought you Moonlight and Whitney. It has been directed by Ed Lilly, who also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Daniel Hayes. Other production companies involved are BBC Films, Lorton Entertainment, and Silvertown Films.

Watch The CelebMix Exclusive Film Clip Of VS. Here:

The clip shows various rappers facing off in a rap battle, intercut with scenes of Adam looking and becoming more of a rapper. In the background, Skepta’s hit track “Shut Down” can be heard throughout.

We’ve watched this film, thanks to a screener link, and we fully support it. We’re impressed with all the themes they covered and the entire storyline is gripping. It’s typically British, so expect awkward silences, small talk, and plot-building – bit it wouldn’t be a British film without them. Look our for our review, coming next week.

Watch The Official Trailer To The Film VS. Here:

This is totally a film for people who listen to rap music, but it’s also for people who want to understand rap music. This film shows battle-rap in a positive light, whilst using hard-hitting themes to keep the audience engaged throughout. The film is out today, so give it a shot and we’re sure you won’t be left disappointed.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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